Free Dessert!

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According to the ever-entertaining 2009 class e-mail, at 9:00 PM, baked goods and hot drinks will be available in Lerner Piano Lounge for your academic sustenance. But this is no ordinary study break: Go Ask Alice! will be there with “post cards, sexually charged refrigerator magnets, squeegee balls and rubbers.” As such, this event has been termed the “Study/Slutty Break,”  “the only event you will need to get ready for Halloween! Be excited!”

The growing sense of excitement over Halloween-as-slut-night is getting a little bizarre.

And yes, we realize that three out of our four posts today have been free breakfast, dinner and dessert. Everyone knows there’s no such thing as free lunch.

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  1. asshole  

    its not so much a hatred of women as it is a celebration of the female form. its a shame to keep it locked up under layers of clothing, why not show it off in all its glory?
    please the above only applies if you are of appropriate height/weight proportion and are attractive. otherwise put on your sweatpants

  2. free lunch  

    does exist. just keep an eye on lerner piano lounge.

  3. pet peeve  

    Go Ask Alice! is a website. the department is just plain "Alice." though why they're encouraging something as stupid as a "slutty break" is beyond me.

  4. slutty break

    next thing: Ask Alice! -sponsored Holiday Marijuana Bash

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