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And by The Boss we mean Bwog-fave Bruce Robbins, whose ruminations on Columbia’s dearth of academic freedom made it into this week’s edition of The Nation. Esther Kaplan’s penetrating investigation of Fair Alma revealed a brewing crisis in contemporary academia: fringe right-wing groups holding controversial events on campuses. And dear God does the future look bleak.

Elsewhere, David Horowitz wrapped up this week’s anti-Islamofascist carnival by offering America’s complacent masses one final, terrifying anecdote:

“The Vice President of the Muslim Students Association at Columbia protested my use of the word ‘jihad’ during my speech, which she said meant spiritual ‘struggle’ rather than ‘holy war’ The only problem was that I hadn’t used the word ‘jihad’ in my speech at all. It was just one of the talking points she had been given in advance of the event. When I asked her whether she would denounce the terrorist group Hamas, which along with the Muslim Brotherhood created her organization, she evaded the question.”

UPDATE, 2:06 AM: Amreen Vora, Vice President of Columbia MSA, wrote to Bwog to say that she never made such a comment, and in fact was not present at the Horowitz event at all. 

Also in unholy league with the Islamists is the Columbia Coalition Against the War, a group so dangerous that Horowitz surrounds its name with quotation marks, as if to suggest that they only kinda-sorta exist, but not really, because if they actually existed they wouldn’t have quotation marks around their name, right?

Next controversy, please.


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  1. what a moot point  

    about not using jihad in his speech. if you look at his little editorial linked in frontpage, he uses jihad and defines it as holywar left and right.

    talking point, my ass. more like the VP of MSA was familar with his bs and had done her research

  2. To Bruce  

    Hey little girl is your daddy home
    Did he go away and leave you all alone
    I got a bad desire
    I'm on fire

    Tell me now baby is he good to you
    Can he do to you the things that I do
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    I'm on fire

  3. CCFW  

    To be fair, it seems like the Coalition Against the War doesn't actually ever protest the war, but just jumps on whatever protest wagon comes around.

    CCAW 1: "Ooh a protest, wanna join?"

    CCAW 2: "Only if we can pinkberry after."

    CCAW 3: "Totally! I'll go get the signs!"

    Out of principle I'm starting a Columbia Coalition for War. We don't actually have a political stance, but are just going to sit around in EC playing Goldeneye on N64. Who's down?

  4. yep  

    i love goldeneye. in all its glory this semester has still been disappointing. smart people are smarter than less smart people. you'd think they'd take advantage and eschew unproductive ego-stroking, uncompromising, divided and divisive "dialogue" or whatever war-mongering and/or ivory tower liberalism stand for these days. lose the lot. foner, prezbo, ahmadinejad, robbins, horowitz, gilchrist, they're all peas in a very large, cozy pod.

  5. anonymous

    "fringe right-wing groups holding controversial events on campuses."

    You mean relatively mainstream right-wing groups holding pretty standard events...

    They're only 'fringe' and 'controversial' relative to the political climate at Columbia because many Columbians hold extremist political views...

  6. bwog  

    is it actually true that the muslim students association at columbia was co-founded by hamas and the muslim brotherhood? because that's kind of rancid.

  7. it was in spec

    Columbia MSA was created before the national org by the University Chaplain at the time and 200 Muslim students.


    Horowitz is an idiot. He was a student on campus when the MSA was founded.

    • same as 8

      wow, so basically Horowitz got every part of that statement wrong on the facts.

      question: is david horowitz on drugs, and if so, where can i get some of the drugs he's on, they seem like good shit?

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