1. bottom line  

    Bulliet and Dabashi are a joke, as is Bollinger, and as is the author of this bwog posting, I'm afraid, for implying that the introduction was "careless talk." This school is a joke.

    • Bwog Lies  

      You almost had me thinking he was no longer Bo, James Bo.

      And #1: Either you were rejected from this school, were wrongfully admitted, or made the wrong decision matriculating. The solution: leave and mind your own business, or stay out and mind your own business.

      • meh  

        "leave and mind your own business, or stay out and mind your own business."

        typical conservative. If you don't like America, then GET OUT!

      • well well  

        I didn't realize that you had to fit a certain ideological profile in order to attend this school. Perhaps you should suggest that the admissions office append it to the list of requirements. You wouldn't want to be confronted by, god forbid, an opposing thought in the remainder of your no doubt illustrious undergraduate career.

      • hmm

        I don't think you need a certain ideological profile to attend this school. I think it is great that people of different minds can come together here to try to gain an understanding of one another-- even if that isn't always the case, at least it's possible.

        However, seriously, if you're think this school is such a joke, then get out. You can think whatever you want about world issues, but show some support for your alma or go elsewhere. I firmly believe that this is the best school for my (read: my parent's) money or else I wouldn't be here.

  2. Methinks

    TC shouldn't have started their statement with "As always..."

  3. the beats  

    murder story was tight nice job

  4. hmm  

    the bias events are probably just one guy running around trying to piss people off

  5. "bias incident"  

    really, bwog?

  6. Hmmm  

    So everyone who opposes you, in your view, is likely to commit a hate crime?

  7. Cap Peddler  

    I'm more worried about the rampant outbreak of hat crimes.

  8. yes  

    I think your intolerance of dissent speaks for itself.

  9. second thought  

    My apologies for saying "I think." As if there were any doubt!

  10. personally  

    i think bwog's summarization of the bollinger article is pretty hilarious, i laughed.

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