1. Andrew Flynn???  

    You mean the God who walks among us mortals?

  2. Andrew Flynn  

    is my God Term.

  3. omg

    I wish I had a camera. That is such a good prize.

  4. I want  

    Carl Castle. This is obviously a rip off from npr's wait wait don't tell me.
    And further reason to love bwog.

  5. did any one  

    see those pilgrims by the sundial today? wtf?

  6. harroween

    what were some good ones from last year?

  7. YES  

    somebody just initiated a PENIS game in reference


  8. Banner change?!  

    Bwog you are too cute.

  9. endorsement  

    If Peter Gallotta does not enter this contest and win, I am not sure if Bwog should exist.

  10. Flynnnerlover  

    I slept with flynn when he was a freshman in high school. He totally would leave an outgoing voicemail message for me just because I threatened him.

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