QuickSpec: Revenge of the Nerds Edition

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  1. erm.  

    Last link goes to the back end of Bwog...

  2. CCer

    not to be picky, but that's not an editorial ... it's an op-ed. editorials are the unsigned things that the editorial board writes.

  3. chris hates hipsters

    Business Gone Bad
    Pinkberry, the popular and exorbitantly priced fro-yo chain, finally opened this week. It took the entire summer and most of fall, well over four months, for a small storefront shop with two ice cream machines, a few refrigerators, and a pre-fab interior to open. If it wasn't for the horde of hipster devotees, opening a frozen yogurt shop as the temperature drops into the high 40s would normally spell disaster.

  4. damn dyslexia  

    "Violence is like selling motherfucking hot flowers," which is hilariously ridiculous, actually read "Violence 'is selling like motherfucking hot flowers,'” which isn't as nonsensical but still pretty absurd.

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