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The ghosts and ghouls come out on All Hallow’s Eve, but All Hallow’s day is ruled by campus groups. The Statement of Principles, in development since the Minutemen aftermath, (and reproduced here after the jump) was unveiled and has been covered in signatures, while the deans have set up a trick or treat stand and are passing out cupcakes.

Down on college walk, the Rotaract Club is selling Cuban food, while the Columbia Musical Theater Society is having a classic bake sale. Meanwhile, the Word Wall is gathering more language. And what would Halloween be without a little blood? New York Blood Center is taking donations today. Vee vant to suck your blood (through a tube, so we can give it to medical patients.)

Community Principles Statement

Columbia University is a community of students, faculty, alumni, staff and visitors. As members of this community we understand that our actions as individuals impact not only our own lives but also those of our community. Through these principles we can continually engage each other in order to understand our differences and similarities.

 We believe that intellectual discourse in all forms is essential to the University; as such it is vital that we give all perspectives a place to be expressed.

 We are all responsible to this community and affirm that we treat each other with respect and dignity.

Members of our community act with honesty by accepting accountability for their words and actions and maintaining the integrity of the community as a whole.

As members of the University with different experiences and ideas, we actively engage each other to understand, appreciate and accept our various identities.

We participate in a free and open community and ask that all those who come within our gates  act in accordance with these principles.

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  1. uhh  

    i disagree with those principles.

  2. Anonymous

    Hey Bwog,

    The Community Principles Initiative has been ongoing since at least the Ruggles incident back in 2005. While Student Affairs has made the claim that admin had the idea from before that even, my earliest recollection of CPI is that Tom Faure and Michelle Oh were pushing it back when they were prezes of ESC and CCSC respectively.

    • actually

      neither michelle nor tom really were committed to diversity or even benign social responsibility statements... they just signed onto what diversity initiatives admins presented to them and never came up with anything of substance themselves.

  3. any guesses?  

    any guesses on how long until someone writes something racist/offensive on the community principles banner?

    i give it until tomorrow morning

  4. fyi  

    Tom Faure is not the former ESC prez. That is Tom Fazzio. Tom Faure is an anonymous Red Sox fan.

  5. bwog  

    have you heard about today's noose at tc?

  6. uhh

    all hallow's eve precedes all hallow's day. which is tomorrow.

  7. this

    is actually a fairly low standard for civil discourse, and i think in all honesty is a fairly reasonable guide for all people who want to engage with others at the academy and aren't trying to be total jerks in the process.

    honestly, i was expecting something more draconian and objectionable.

    my only real concern is the line which suggests that we must be involved with 'accepting accountability' for our words. if this means some sort of moral understanding that words cause pain, and accountability is understanding that words can hurt, then it is fine. if it is proscribing some sort of punishment for certain speech, well then no, that doesn't make any sense.

  8. actually  

    tom faure is the fucking man

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