QuickSpec: Halloween Edition

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  1. ugh

    To the kid who wrote the freshman article: deal with it.

    No, seniors don't have to be unnecessarily mean, but they have earned a right to look upon you condescendingly. Don't worry baby, you'll get to do it too one day!

  2. seriously  

    get over yourself, kid. there's a difference between friendly condescension and actually harming you. You're going to be ok.

  3. ditto  

    That freshman article was lame, whiny, and did I mention lame? Go down south to a school that has REAL freshman hazing, then come back here and tell me you still want to whine because an upperclassman called you out to mat when you were talking from your ass.

  4. he is...  

    ....so stupid for writing that article. It just makes the situation even worse for him. It really is not a big deal, boy.

    Start learning to shutup and to stop acting like a "poor boy" or else you'll be the next Mark Modessit, which is an unfortunate outcome for all.

  5. senior

    I get his point, but would have been more likely to listen to him had he proved he could actually WRITE instead of just whine. This article was just boring.

    Also, anyone else feel that this is mainly a phenomenon among males? In all my years at Columbia, I have not witnessed a single female senior beat up on anyone (verbally or otherwise). Boys are the only ones who seem to care about proving their superiority in this manner, which suggests that it is just one more way for them to compensate for something.

  6. Also

    Good thing he felt compelled to clarify that this little sketch he's drawing is not representative of all upperclassmen, because anyone who hangs out at Pinnacle at 2 AM on a Thursday night should be shot.

  7. hey bwog  

    dont be a bunch of dingbats. The guy's name is Paul Farmer, and he's a Phd Md, not a farmer. sheesh.

  8. fan  

    I like the themed header, bwog.

  9. omg  

    and the best part of the spec today- theres a sweeney todd ad/poster thing stuck inside!!

  10. ohhhhh  

    THAT Fed. The Fed I was thinking of has been trying to destroy the middle class for years, just because it would be funny/offensive.

  11. Dear Whiny Freshman,  

    If the guy who picked on your were a freshman instead of a junior, he still would have picked on you. The reason he picked on you was not that you were a freshman and he was a junior, but that he was a drunken asshole. If he were a freshman, he would just found another excuse to pick on you. Thus his use of class difference cannot be seen as indicative of a systemic upperclassmen vs. freshman bullying, but rather drunken-asshole vs. sober-looking-guy-eating-alone bullying.


    Learned Hand

    • Learned Foote  

      Also, were you both freshmen, he might well have still called you out on your ignorant spouting off. It's not so much that he knows everything about investment banking and that you know nothing, it's just quite probable that he had a personal experience that contradicted your loud opining (it must have been loud if he heard you).

  12. Ah. Accents

    The majority of people in America cannot tell the difference between a British and an Australian accent. It's best to accept this now, rather than spend the next four years angry about it. I'm British, and I can't count the number of times I've been called Australian, South African, Irish, Canadian, a New Zealander and once, for some reason, Texan.

  13. also  

    Can we just get out there that NO ONE, NO ONE cares about who is or knows an investment banker? You're both wrong for even talking shit like you know it.

  14. word on the calle  

    Michelle Diamond just moved on in the Rhodes process; she will be interviewing soon.

    Go Michelle!

    • ...

      She's student body president, publisher of the CPR, and now a finalst for the Rhodes... hot damn, i think she rocks '08...

      I wonder what all the people who called her a ditsy blonde during last year's election are going to say now?? That's what happens when you make superficial judgements about people... "uh, she's a smiling blonde girl ergo..."

      I think I just heard Dan Okin's scream of anger from New Haven upon hearing the news...

  15. kind of badass

    “We meet at the sundial at 7:45 and practice usually goes until 10:30, 11—depends on when they turn the lights out on us.” Vongdara said

  16. that's right  

    I don't care who is an investment banker. There are lots of awesome jobs, and lots of people who want to do different things, for different hours, for different amounts of money. I'm glad you're happy, though.

  17. Dear Freshman  

    Sorry, you don't know anything. You know nothing. Sorry. I didn't know anything when I was a freshman, and you don't know anything when you're a freshman.

    You'll get over it.

  18. Yay!  

    Michelle Diamond is the shit. Bottom line. Good for her!

  19. !!!!!

    Michelle! Stop posting about yourself on bwog!

    Kidding. I'm sure she's superb. But, honestly, no one cares about her progress in the Rhodes.

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