1. meh  

    damn. Why wasn't my girlfriend's sexy______________ included?

  2. Tobias  

    I guess you could say I'm buy-curious...

  3. rjt  

    Jesus Christ that Magritte one blows my mind. I'm really impressed by a lot of these.

  4. professional  

    analyst and therapist. I was the world's first analrapist.

  5. !!!!!!!

    Gargoyle shoulda been a finalist...

  6. i can't  

    decide! Reni's is really creative, although I'm a little disturbed by the nipples haha. The gargoyle is so elaborate and good. The Magritte is brilliant. Ahmadinejad was inevitable but i LOVE it. And Parker Fishel's Woody Allen expression? spot on.

  7. ugh  

    illegal border crosser... ugh! are you fucking kidding me?

    ooh look at me. i go to university in one of the most expensive places to live in the world! i'm going to mock the people who do more hard work in a single day then i'll ever do in my entire life. look at me, i'm so obnoxiously bourgeois.

    if you're going to include someone who mocks the underclass in the list of finalists, then where's the dude with blackface? if we're gonna party that way, then why pull any punches?

  8. seriously  

    how is the woody allen/soon-yi kim duo costume a finalist over the gargoyle? they're just wearing their own clothes and looking disaffected.

    i sense some bwog nepotism here...

  9. bad!  

    Gargoyle shouldve been one of the finalists

    The Parker and Tang duo= STUPID. Not a costume AT ALL. Bwog stop giving in to the dumb art hispters

    Reni nearly made me vomit. Those nipples are disgusting. No one needs to see that

  10. the airplane  

    is amazing.

  11. not as concerned  

    but I have to agree that some of those runner-ups definitely should have made it over some of the finalists.

  12. golf clap

    to kathi han. But she stole my costume from 3 yrs ago (she did a million times better vesus my ganny smith attached to styrofoam, but who's counting)!

    have to chirp in for the gargoyle too- its pretty awesome

  13. ummm  

    I love Lili Gu but Reni's costume is pure sex

  14. shucks  

    while i still think she is hipster scum and a miserable attention whore, i must admit that reni made a pretty convincing bowie. dammit.

  15. fdjkhuj  

    doesnt anyone else think the apple looks photoshopped in on son of man?

  16. DHI  

    Are you telling some apple on the face is beating an actual homemade airplane? Shit, a bunch of people got apples in the face at graduation, and nobody gave them a prize.

  17. the apple  

    is totally photoshopped on.


  18. what...  

    where is peter gallotta?

  19. the problem  

    with the airplane is that it took up too much space in 1020's narrow hall

  20. The Dink  

    The Airplane should absolutely win...or the cheetah.

  21. An'an

    The bluest, booist,biggest, brainiest I've ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Anonymous  

    Oh no! For some reason my camera didn't pick up the sock bulge in my pants. Now I just look...crude. Sorry guys, I thought that photo was way funnier last night. Maybe it's the midterm sleep deprivation.

  23. #31  

    i think jeremy is the sexiest

  24. Lucy  

    The gargoyle was not a finalist because he doesn't seem to have any affiliation with Columbia.

  25. Wow  

    The gargoyle was incredible.

  26. nitpicker  

    reni's lightning bolt is backwards

  27. come ON

    that airplane is amazing. a couple of the others are clever, but the airplane is in a league of its own.

  28. Okay, who'd like a  

    ...banger in the mouth? Oh, right, I in the States, you call it a ‘sausage’ in the mouth.

    We just call it a sausage.

  29. tom stewart  

    you are the man.

  30. haha

    did aporia pay the kid to dress up as son of man?

  31. GO!!!  


  32. halloweenie  

    Shame the gargoyle wasn't eligible, he so would have won.

    Also, I saw the Son of Man last night as I walked to the subway to go down to the parade, the apple's definitely not photoshopped on, it was actually pinned to the hat. I think I saw the airplane, too. Good times.

  33. alexw  

    Don't lean on me Reni, cause you cant afford the ticket.

  34. oh...  

    puhlllease... don't try to justify making fun of the poor with psuedointellectual bullshit.

    seriously... "illegal border crosser" is a fucking disgrace to this school and this nation. bwog's endorsement of it makes me sick.

    hey bwog! i'm thinking of dressing up as a starving nigerian next year for halloween! think i have a shot at winning your contest? i can even hand out novelty "hiv" candies! how funny!

    there's a fine line between ironic humor and being a bunch of bourgeois upper middle class pricks who find humor in those less fortunate. you assholes have crossed the line.

    • oh please  

      I'm politically ignorant and even I got the joke of the border crosser costume. You're supposed to dress up as something scary for Halloween, and there's nothing Red Staters find more frightening than illegal aliens. Except maybe a ban on cousin marriage. It's not poking fun at the lower classes, it's poking fun at the Minutemen and their ilk.

  35. uggggh  

    Can someone ban Reni Laine from commenting on here? This isn't your fucking fansite, none of us like you here.

    • RE: uggggh  

      Let's face it, there's a 99% chance that you wouldn't say that if you weren't anonymous, especially to her face, so why say it now? And if you would actually say it in other circumstances, then you're even more of an asshole (and that is something given the circumstances I would call you even without anonymity).
      Whether you like her or not doesn't really matter. I mean I bet most people here don't like you but you probably post more often than she does. The only difference is she actually identifies herself and doesn't insult other people so you can call her out and insult her.

      • oh god...  

        here comes the "let's defend reni laine parade." don't bother.

        no one cares man, stop defending her, and also let's stop saying that we dislike her. it's a known fact, everyone is in on it, we all feel the same.

    • William

      I love her... and so does everyone I know.

  36. umm....  

    HER NAME IS KAYTHI!!!! K-A-Y-T-H-I. Yay!

  37. Lauren

    Kaythi Han for the WIN! Kaythi for prez.

  38. Dan

    The Gargoyle is just as good as the airplane. Maybe better.


    There is no way that the gargoyle is as good as the airplane. That picture does not do the airplane justice I saw it on campus and it was incredible. A structural masterpiece. It has a 6 foot wingspan, the wings fold up to get through doors, and its over 6 feet long from front to back.

    Give it up for the Plane.

  40. You Guys  

    are all bitch fucks

  41. cool

    somebody learned how to refresh cookies and vote for teh plane repeatedly

  42. Jeff

    Reni Lane has it hands down!

  43. i guess  

    ... but none of the other costumes where scary either (except maybe the gargoyle?). so, still patently offensive. i don't understand why someone would even go there, or why bwog would post it.

  44. Anonymous

    Reni Laine, the androgin lady, no doubt.
    Can anybody tell me where to find her?

  45. stouser

    I voted Lili because I couldn't stop laughing at her expression.

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