1. Just wondering... come people on campus aren't as pissed about the swastika as they were about the noose?

    • Erf

      Reasoning 1:
      A swastika refers to an oppressive anti-Semitic regime that killed.
      A noose is a direct threat to kill, presenting the instrument of murder.

      Reasoning 2:
      Jews in New York as a whole have less reason to feel oppressed than do blacks.

    • also

      I think a big part of it is that this type of thing is losing its novelty. However sad this is: we're getting used to bigotry on our campus.

      • it's not

        that we're getting used to bigotry, I think it's that most of us realize bigotry isn't actually as big a problem on this campus as many student groups would have you believe. these isolated events are more cries for help or to inflame ethnic sentiments on campus, and the better we ignore them the more we demonstrate to the perpetrators such actions have no weight with the student community. it's like terrorism in that we should try to combat it, but living in fear our outrage is not the way to do it, nor would we assume everyone around us is a terrorist. there just aren't that many bigots on campus, so we can't assume there's some huge, hidden group of them.

  2. martians go home

    it's been what, a month since the noose incident, and we haven't heard a word about what they found on the tapes. What are they covering up?

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