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fuzzHow many drag queens did you see last night? If the answer wasn’t well over 3,000, then you weren’t at the Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village. The Avenue of the Americas was packed from Spring to 21st, not only with your traditional devils, witches and Teletubbies, but also Popes with blinking LED crosses, Transformers and a Scrabble set.  Even New York’s finest showed their support (right). After the jump there is a small, delightful cross-section of the best of All Hallow’s Eve 2007.


The West Village‘s Top 5 Costumes of 2007

1.  Beta Max Tape – Move over VHS!  The old cat is back in town.

2.  David Bowie circa 1983 (pictured) – This guy was a real Space Oddity.

3.  Toof Fairy (pictured) – Just like in your childhood dreams!

4.  Dorothy (pictured) – We’re certainly not in Kansas anymore.

5.  Giant penises – Whether being pushed around in a wheelbarrow or marching erect, these guys were all over the place.



 Honorable Mention:

I’m not really sure what this guy is, but…










Photos by Greer Feick and Claudia Gallego

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  1. jesus  

    bwog stop it with this silly stuff and LET US KNOW WHO WON THE REAL COSTUME CONTEST!!!!

  2. Hmmm....  

    does anyone get the feeling the Dorothy is a man? I know it sounds kind of ridiculous...why would a guy dress up as a woman? But that face just has something masculine about it. Maybe it's just me...

  3. yay  

    claudia and greer are awesome photographers!

  4. yeah, seriously  

    i'm with jesus, who are the winners?!

  5. Fuck

    all that shit...the best group by far was the entire jedi/sith cast of star wars that fought a 10 minute lightsaber battle...well that and the whole drinking on the roof with cops posted up there to keep overwatch of the parade

  6. LanceBassIsAnAce

    Those costumes aint got shit on the Bloody Wall of Gore getups. Check that before you wreck that.

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