QuickSpec: School’s Out for the Weekend Edition

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  1. Congratulations to

    Professor Nadia Abu El-Haj

  2. Hmm  

    Love that the article about Butler overcrowding was written by a Barnard girl. Hi, sweetie? You and your brethren - or sisteren? - are part of the problem, not the solution. You have your own damned library, use it and the Butler overcrowding problems will decrease tenfold, guaranteed.

    • ugh

      seriously, this comes up all the time. yes, as barnard students, we have "our own library". said library is not consitantly open 24 hours and has very very limited seating. basically, it's not an option if you're up past 12. also, barnard pays columbia for the use of its facilites, so barnard students (and any other columbia affiliate) have the right to use butler. stop whining.

  3. mmhmmm

    I agree that that butler article was quite annoying.

    I am at butler almost every day. I also sometimes chat with my friends there and maybe even IM! I think it's great that our library is a social place. I know my friends will be there when i go, which makes me actually get my act together to study.

    A quiet library without personality, would therefore lower productivity (for me).

    Go back to barnard if you want a quiet,personality-less work space.

  4. Sprinkles

    What a joke this school is becoming. Granting tenure to someone who can't even cite sources properly.


    hey bwog, check yourself, it's ELECTION DAY BREAK, not FALL BREAK

  6. hey

    sometimes I need to eat a snack and take a shit
    that takes more than 15 minutes
    especially if it is a big shit

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