Embedded with the Dems: Day 2

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Bwog editor Lydia DePillis is still in Kentucky, along with Brit Spec reporter Josh Chambers, who’s blogging here.


“Um, Eleven.”

“Oh, yeah, eleven.”

Honks, that is. Such began the morning, at 8:00 AM, with the entire Columbia contingent lining S. Broadway St. shivering almost as violently as they were waving their signs–almost everyone had underdressed, and the mercury came up to a decidedly un-Kentuckyish 45 degrees.

Nancy Huemer, BC ’10, yelled gustily in her oversized Beshear t-shirt, fading back to avoid speeding cars.  “A year ago, I never would have thought I would be here standing on a street corner at seven A.M.,” she said. “I’m in Kentucky, where none of my friends live. It’s kind of cool.”

The Dems had again roused themselves before dawn to get to campaign headquarters for a rally to launch the canvassing trips that would take up the rest of the morning. Their noise conveyed an outsized impression of their actual presence–at least a hundred other Beshear supporters came out for the rally, mostly well-dressed middle aged to elderly white people.

Milling around before the arrival of the candidate himself, I spoke with a couple young and bubbly campaign staffers, who were ranging around dragooning the rallyers into volunteer duty. They’ve been here for months registering voters, which is most of the work in an environment where your candidate has almost zero chance of losing. Not only Beshear, but the entire slate of Democratic candidates is leading in the polls, in an effect that staffer Travis Scott called �100 percent coattails.�

beshear“Ernie Fletcher’s the best thing that’s happened to the Democrats,” he said.

The candidate arrived in time for everyone to get thoroughly frozen, glad handing his way through the crowd up to the makeshift podium. Beshear was, however, by no means the highlight of the event: that honor was reserved for Joe B. Hall, head coach of the University of Kentucky’s basketball team from 1972 – 1985. Sports are intimately involved with politics in Kentucky; a number of illustrious athletes have made the jump from court to office. By the end of Coach Hall’s speech, I bet half the crowd would have supported him in a run for Senate.

After warning the crowd not to get complacent, he began a long winded analogy involving horror movies. “When you’ve got him down, that’s when you want to take him out,” said the capacious Hall, referring to Governor Fletcher, complete with hand gestures (this blogger has only one official reason to dislike Fletcher–no wonder the media’s got a grudge). “Get a wooden stake, and drive it into his heart. Pound it in there!”

In his speech, Beshear thanked the Columbia kids for coming out, while the crowd seemed somewhat bemused by their presence. As they gathered for a group photo, a bystander quipped: “I have seen the future, and it’s scary-but pretty!”


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  1. Hi Nancy!  


  2. I

    Brit Spec reported Josh Chambers is the man!!

  3. coogan

    I must say: the horror movie analogy, quite apt! There's a huge zombie movement in the American New Wave. Ignoramuses should view these two passages:

    Stanford U:

    Coogan Brennan:

  4. just curious

    Why did the Dems go to a place that wasn't a close race? Was there no state with a close race that was appropriate to travel to?

  5. hot browns!  

    you guys should hit up Buddy's for some kentucky hot browns. Mmm delicious. The tastiest open face sandwich of turkey, bacon, tomato, and bechamel+cheese sauce youve ever had broiled to bubbling golden brown perfection

  6. ah yes  

    smiling idealistic (mostly) white faces. thanks CU Dems.

    • not their fault

      everyone was welcome to join the cu dems on their trip. posters were around campus for weeks before, so it's not their fault that non-white students didn't go. people need to be more motivated in participating rather than just complaining about everything!

  7. haha  

    Yes #6, Lydia and the white CU Democrats are out to change the world via private chartered bus!

  8. Meanwhile...  

    The CU Republicans are definitively contributing less C02 to the atmosphere and more to American politics by refraining from spending ridiculous money to campaign in an election that's already been won in a foolish attempt to drown out their liberal white guilt.

  9. What  

    "I'm in Kentucky, where none of my friends live."

    Exactly. You are electioneering in a state where you don't know anyone or anything relevant to that state's politics. Way to go.

  10. hree  

    The CU Republicans are definitively contributing less C02 to the atmosphere and more to American politics by refraining from spending ridiculous money to campaign in an election that's already been won in a foolish attempt to drown out their liberal white guilt.

    I just thought id repost that. because its more accurate than r. kelly.

  11. bottom line

    The only thing these students might be able to accomplish in Kentucky is influencing a handful of independent-leaning Republicans to go back home to the GOP.

  12. coogan

    What are you worried is going to be tainted in Kentucky if some people come into the state. If the Southern population is well educated, as it should be considering the United States, anyone shoving propaganda in your face should make you really suspicious. Everyone who says they are busing people into Kentucky subconsciously confirms the dumbness of the South. Which actually isn't dumbness, it's just miseducation.

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