Bars, Dating, and Economics

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While you’re paying for drinks at 1020, or The Heights, or wherever, some people are actually being paid to go on dates at local Columbia bars. Lonely hearts, look to psych experiments for your next love. Who knew economics held the key to matters of the heart?

Bonus points to anyone who can tell Bwog what bar Ray Fisman used.

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  1. Slate reader  

    I think this happened a while ago and only grad students were involved.

  2. Yup  

    They stuck to grad students so as to generally avoid underage drinking conflicts and problems getting in

  3. The Dink  

    Some random person at a computer terminal next to me in butler just read aloud, quite deliberately, the posted grades from a recent exam of hers. She then began to list all the grades and complain about how she got the third highest grade in the course, a 96, lamenting that she could have beaten the people with above her who received a 98 and 102. I hate these fucking competitive assholes.

    • haterade  

      seriously. i don't understand people who try to quantify achievement....grades are so arbitrary, especially at the college level. maybe focusing on her grades is her way of avoiding thinking about her lack of social graces and lack of a creative contribution to society. probably another pre-med, pre-law, or ifucker. she's really going to enjoy life...

  4. it is  

    1020. Of course.

    Everyone knows that Bwog has an infatuation with that certain anti-Cannon's establishment.

  5. nice photo  

    the kid in the foreground looks like he's about 12.

    looks, ambition, intelligence... sure they're easy to quantify, but i dunno, it seems like there would be some less easily quantified variables in there confounding the results... personality? character? there are plenty of people at columbia that look good and are smart, yet still manage to have incredibly arrogant, offputting or bizarre personalities..

    and yeah. to be honest, you'd have to pay me to take a date to 1020.

  6. slate  

    ha, according to that article women are racist.

    everyday at columbia my professors and classmates make me feel worthless for being a white male oppressor. at least i don't have to feel so bad for being male.

  7. Correction  

    According to that article *Asian* women are the onry ones that all lacist.

  8. teg

    This was a few years ago and I'm pretty sure it was done at the West End. Most room for the speed dating tables they set up.

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