1. By the looks of it,  

    she was feeding them her blood.

  2. Bird Flu

    Mmmm yesss bird to human transmission

  3. Can  

    Someone tell me why Columbia fences the lawns? I'm not talking about the three big fields, but the Furnald and Hamilton fields, as you can see in the picture. We allow people on them anyway, so why put up these ugly metal fences?

  4. We do it  

    to keep out the pigeons. We also use grad students like the one in the picture as bait.

  5. Huh?  

    To keep out pigeons? It's not like pigeons can't fly...?

  6. ghostbusters  

    because we can, because of the royalties from ghostbusters.

    • NOT TRUE

      Most obvious myth ever! Yes, of course, money allocated to one department in the 80s could NEVER be moved.

      Don't believe everything you hear on campus tours. In fact, don't believe anything you hear on campus tours.

  7. Or,  

    perhaps, they want to prevent bush-hopping.

  8. can't believe this  

    pigeons are a threat to humankind!! their growth only started when non-sensical "kindly" people like this woman began feeding them, like it was their life's calling. I cannot walk from class to class without fearing the attack of more than one pigeon, squirrel, or rat. Our campus is not a zoo!!

  9. pigeon-hater  

    a "kindly woman"? Who means to spread disease and pestilence by actually FEEDING the vermin? Please. Get the university to sterilize them all instead.

  10. I think  

    You are all having New York-phobia. It is true that NYC pigeons are pretty brave. They don't fear human beings.

  11. pigeon-hater  

    i'm not having New York-phobia; I was born here. They are a threat to humankind and efforts should be taken to reduce their numbers, not to encourage them. Seriously, I know someone who's caught toxoplasmosis from feeding pigeons.

  12. qweee  

    The pigeons are there not so much for you to feed, but to appreciate. Can you imagine NYC without pigeons?

    • that's disgusting  

      yes. I can. appreciate? i grew up in the city and have wished their death ever since a pigeon flew too close to my face when I was five. Have you know this kind of fear? where do you come from?

  13. Anonymous  

    I saw a pigeon get hit by a car today on broadway. feathers all over the place

  14. hmmm

    Maybe the pigeon lady will also take sympathy and start feeding those scrappy hunger strikers!

  15. Anonymous

    Pigeons should be fed on the grass, not on concrete or brick. They will hang out where the expect to get fed. Their poop does some good for the grass, but it's corrosive to concrete.

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