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Bwog played around with Google at work yesterday. Here’s what Google suggests we’re trying to find when the bolded word is typed into the search bar:

Butler Library

Butler Library columbia

Butler Library hours

Butler Library columbia university

Tao Tan

Tao tanning lotion

Tao tantra

Tao tang

Tao Tan lehman

Columbia Spectator

Columbia Spectator online

Columbia Spectator noose

Columbia Spectator madison

Columbia Spectator newspaper

Columbia Spectator blog



Barnard marcus

Barnard college

Barnard castle

Barnard castle school


Columbia university

Columbia house

Columbia sportswear

Columbia college

Columbia jackets

Columbia sc

Gayatri Spivak

Gayatri Spivak can the subaltern speak

Gayatri Spivak columbia

Gayatry Spivak

Bruce Robbins

Bruce Robbins columbia

Bruce Robbins sweatshop sublime

Tasti D Lite

Tasti D Lite nyc

Tasti D Lite calories

Tasti D Lite nurtrition

Tasti D Lite nurtrition facts

Tasti D Lite delivery

Columbia students

Columbia students walk out

Columbia students walkout

Barnard Student

Barnard Student store

Barnard Student webmail

Barnard Student directory

Matt Sanchez

Matt Sanchez rob majors

Matt Sanchez usc

Matt Sanchez pictures

Matt Sanchez video

Matt Sanchez photos

Matt Sanchez videoegg

Columbia football

Columbia football schedule

Columbia football team

Columbia football stadium


Bwog columbia



Dennis Dalton

Dennis Dalton jewelry

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  1. asdf  

    i'm tireda using technology...

  2. dghf  

    I wonder if these pointless posts are all the work of one bwogger? If so could you please post your name/initials at the start of the post so I can start skipping posts from the more boring bwoggers?

  3. useless post  

    but redeemable by barnard mucus.

    oh wait, marcus.

    okay, now it is just an inexcusable post.

  4. wtf  

    these arent even amusing. what made you think people would want to see this?

  5. AND  

    i typed this shit into google, and it's not what i got.

  6. cc '10  

    haha i just liked the fact that barnard college placed 3rd when searching. suck it.

  7. agree  

    it should be bwog policy to post your initials at the end of each entry. if you aren't proud of your article, it shouldn't be getting published.

  8. it's

    not a googlism unless you include "is" after the name. example: "bwog is"


  9. boring  

    i fell asleep halfway through this boring entry

  10. yeah but  

    Pretty funny that "Tao Tan Lehman" came up, since Tao Tan works for Lehman Brothers.

  11. i don't know...  

    the matt sanchez videos and pictures is pretty funny - but it would be better if it were "pixxx"

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