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Because Columbians are all over the press today. CU Student groups are no stranger to the Talk of the Town section in The New Yorker, and the Columbia Libertarians are the latest to be featured. In the article, Ben McGrath asks the Libertarians about Ron Paul. “He’s the most boring little old man from Texas who has these laughs that make him look like a Muppet sometimes,” said Adam Sparks, CC ’08.

Meanwhile, The New York Times has reported that Columbia and USC lead the nation in percentage of international students, edging out downtown rival NYU. The Times also commenced its coverage of the hunger strike on its CityRoom blog.

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  1. ugh  

    Pretty sad that even the 6 people in Libertarians at Columbia can get press. However, I like the description of Republicans:"...I didn’t really want to go and hang out with Republicans,” Whitaker said. “They’re a little bit too starched and old-boy network for me.”

  2. Anonymous  

    Libertarians are just conservatives who smoke pot. So sayeth the Shepard, so sayeth the flock.

  3. ron paul  

    seriously annoys me..

    first of all, if you go to his website and try to figure out where he stands, it's hard. he has a lot of bullet points that sound great, but no concrete plans to back them up.

    sure, i'd love to never work another day in my life, be filthy rich and sleep with anyone i want... that sounds great! now... how? the devil is in the details, and paul glosses right over them with a great pitch.

    second of all, i'm sick of how he spammed up the internet. ok, sure, he has a following now, it worked. but that doesn't make it ok. in the early days, his campaign spammed the hell out of the internet. from fake myspace profiles to manipulation of online polls to you name it. most annoyingly, his actual supporters who are actual people who fell for it emulate the same behavior. sometimes it feels like going on the internet is like ron paul going into his own portal. it's really fucking annoying.

    finally... rove went back to texas... wanna guess why? there ya go.

    • dumbass  

      the reason ron paul is able to gloss over the details is because his thinking is wonderfully simplistic a la "the best method is the simplest." i think your probably someone who has no familiarity with libertarianism, (which advocates limited, "simple" government, hence the simplicity on his web site) since you've been duped by the myth that a republican and a democrat are different. they're the same fucking thing people. i love how the democrats rape bush right? but then, they're going to elect Bush II (aka H. Clinton). she is virtually no different from this guy in terms of significant change that one would expect from Democrat rhetoric.

      now, to clarify ron paul's message, a Q&A

      Q: how do we get out of iraq?

      Q: how do we reduce taxes?

      to be honest with you, i could stop right there since nobody else - NOT A SINGLE OTHER CANDIDATE - is willing to think this way.

      and might i refer doubters to here ( ), here ( ) and here ( )

      • NO fucking way  

        WOW, it's true! Someone must have run a search for Ron Paul and found this Bwog post, and immediately rushed to substantiate it with a spammy response. That's really fucking scary.

      • it was  

        the simplistic anti-regulatory thinking of the bush administration that gave us subprime cancer throughout our banking system.

        if ron paul had his way, the epa would be gone. sure, rich states would still have environmental protection... but middle america, where they're struggling? it would be transformed into one gigantic superfund site... except, unfortunately, it would just sit there because paul would abolish superfund as well.

        think of it this way... sometimes federal regulations are good. do you think slavery should be abolished federally or do you think we should leave that one up to the states as well?

        • its cute

          thinking sub prime woes were a problem strictly due to the regulatory inaction of the bush administration.

          The US is actually ahead of the curve in terms of fixed income security regulation--you can barely get a coordinated or coherent set of traders in Europe's nascent market.

          As always, the sub prime woes were the just a manifestation of a market which overextended itself in unknown waters, which in turn bit those who were too greedy in the butt.

  4. asdf  

    i am pumped about the bball game. greg oden just better be glad he's not at osu anymore.

  5. hey hey

    John Baumann just got a shout out on espn. Led the league in 3pt shooting % and fg% last year.

    Why isn't bwog live blogging this!

  6. kudos to bwog!  

    for the coverage. yall must be doing something right...

  7. wohoo

    'Columbia being smart Dave'
    8-0 run, we're up 10-9...this is the best press we've gotten lately

  8. I'll live blog

    Baumann slam. 'being commanding'

    14-11 Columbia. Time out ohio state.

  9. the reality is  

    if those states are idiotic enough not to protect their resources, they lose. boo hoo.

    and btw slavery is against the constitution so that analogy doesn't qualify.

  10. OOps  

    forgot to refute your EPA crap where I will refer you to the upper hudson valley.

    few years ago, near the town of fort edward, ny there was a huge debate over how to go about cleaning up the mess GE made in the hudson. basically, the debate essentially didn't matter because the EPA was gonna dredge anyways. HOWEVER, most residents of the region preferred GE's privately funded (and more effective) plan. the state had essentially no say and the EPA was reduced to a nuisance.

  11. yes  

    Glad to see some discussion of ron paul in bwog. I think he has a lot more popular support than people might think - I'm not quite "activist" enough to go to CU libertarian meetings or whatnot, but I'm a definite supporter. There are probably more like me here. Go Ron :)

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