Bwog, Interrupted: perspectives on the strike

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Reading comments, it’s pretty easy to see who cares enough about campus events to post on Bwog. Yesterday,  Bwog went around campus to force people (mostly freshmen) to talk, whether they care or not. We asked them two questions: 1) Do you think you have a full understanding of the strikers’ demands?  2) Do you support them?.  And, because we’re all just a little voyeuristic, we also asked what they were in the middle of when we interrupted.

Emily Setton and Andy Schlesinger (CC ’08)

Setton: “Yes.”  [Proceeds to list all four demands, in detail]. “I support the strikers”

Schlesinger: “I don’t think they’ve renewed discussion based on events from last year; I think they’re a continuation of conversations had on campus for several years. as for direct causes, I think the events of the past TWO MONTHS catalyzed action. as for their four demands, I DEFINITELY support them and advocate agitation. However, I don’t think that hunger striking is necessarily the best way to agitate.”

Bwog interrupted: twins?

 Claire Halberstadt (BC ’09)

“I’m aware, but I couldn’t like tell you all of them…I think it’s sad that people are walking around hungry. “

Bwog interrupted: Hemingway reading affair and 10 layers of clothing indoors…

 Bommy Kim (CC ’11)

“I think it’s interesting that in only a couple days there are half as many people joining the ‘anti-hunger strikers’ facebook group, compared to the number of members in [Columbia Solidarity’s] facebook group.”

Bwog interrupted…tantalizing grasp of laptop / personal ad


Kara Bess (CC ’11)

“I think it’s stupid.  They are protesting for the sake of protesting.  Plus, they’ve got Gatorade packets.  That’s not really hunger striking.”

Bwog interrupted…Pippi Longstockings


Vanessa Guida (University Writing professor)

“No…what’s going on?”

Bwog interrupted: a graduate student


Scott (CC ’11)

“Spectator: no comment.” Boring.

Bwog interrupted: going to Spanish class, “but hey I’ve got a Gatorade.”

 Sonya Chandra (CC ’11)

“I think it’s something about the core…but I don’t get why hunger striking is worth it.  I mean, you already don’t sleep because of the core, so eat up!… If you’re going to hunger strike, you should be willing to die.  This is half-assed, you know?”

Bwog interrupted: “getting lunch”…which would explain a lot


 Yamila Hernandez (CC ’11)

“Although the hunger strikers’ goals seem noble, I don’t appreciate them offending great Classicists by calling themdead, white men. Additionally, I support the current CORE that Columbia has, and I do not want to see it changed.”

Bwog interrupted: conducting her own survey on party affiliation. We said Constitution Party, just to mess with you Yamila!

 Brian Hobgood (CC ’09)

“Not aware of it.  Don’t care.”

Bwog interrupted: a Box Office in Lerner Lobby selling tickets for Pippin this weekend in Lerner Black Box.

  Justin Chow (SEAS ’11)

“The demands for updating the CORE are really irrelevant for SEAS students–we don’t have time to take more core classes…[On Manhattanville], I think the university has a responsibility to use their money in order to help prevent displacement, or else support those who are being relocated.

Bwog interrupted: Chem study, on my hand…(what the hell is that?)

 Ben Mann (SEAS ’11)

“If they want change, I think they should have found out what was going on already before they went on a hunger strike. I do not support them. [On Manhattanville], it’s just pure economics.  Competition will displace people.  There’s nothing you can do about it.”

Bwog interrupted: Chem study, in my mind…(at least he’s more discreet about it)

 Alex Wei (SEAS ’08)

“It involves Manhattanville so I don’t really care. I also don’t get why the hunger strike when people are making fun of them.  I overheard these guys yesterday planning an ‘eat-strike.'”

Bwog interrupted: chemistry lab / promiscuous posing…


Dominique Mosbergen (CC 11)

“Noble effort…but there are just so many expectations.  Maybe if they just focused on one…everytime I check there seems to be more demands”

Bwog interrupted: casual celebrity smoke

 Nuriel Moghavem (CC ’11)

“I understand their concerns.  But I love the core.  I came here for the core.  I do not want it changed.”

Bwog interrupted: Roarie the Lion.

Gabriel Prospective (CC ’12?–This guy doesn’t even go to Columbia, but he had an opinion to express anyway)

“Columbia’s a great school.  I sympathize, but it’s irrational.”

Bwog interrupted: yet another uncontroversial prospective. Hooray!


Rob Voss (CC ’11)

“All their demands are unrelated.  I went and talked to them, and they seemed at a loss when I asked what the four things had to do with each other….I think it takes away from importance of each individual demand”

Bwog interrupted: Dwight Schrute

 Anonymous advising administrator

“If I knew their ideas, I would support them.”

Bwog interrupted: her attitude



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    if you don't support the strike, for whatever reason, come to alma mater tonight at 8:30 for an opposition demonstration. The admin and the strikers need to know the limits of their claims to represent the student body.

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