1. Alma Mater  

    you just gave me an orgasm.

  2. The Dink  

    Yeah George Chapman Olive III! You da MAN!

  3. oh yeah  

    all i gotta say is, oh weee oh KAY CEE MO!

  4. OH WOW  

    george is soooo hot, too

  5. Sure doesn't look it

    How bright can a man look in a hamburgler outfit? You should put up the photo of him as a glam rocker

  6. wow  

    1. he IS very attractive
    2. that was such a clever and adorable costume
    3. congrats!

  7. it's sad... men as smart as George are forced to steal just to eat. If only Mayor McCheese would take action against this unconscionable economic inequality

  8. emma  

    is awesome and totally deserves it. Good luck at Oxford!!

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