1. anonymous

    "Where was this energy, this passion, this concern after the noose at Teachers College or the anti-Semitic graffiti and anti-Muslim and anti-African graffiti?"

    The energetic, passionate protest was UNNECESSARY. The people responsible for these things represent an insignificant minority of the Columbia community. No one agrees with them, and their actions did nothing to advance their cause (whatever that cause may be).

    These asshat hunger strikers, on the other hand, represent an insignificant minority of the Columbia community - but unfortunately they are, through illegitimate means, potentially advancing their cause. We actually DO have to stand up to these people to stop them.

    And, again - so what that these issues have been "on the table" for the last ten years? That doesn't mean they have ever had any significant support. This just shows that, for ten years, people who support these ideas have FAILED to convince the rest of us.

  2. question  

    "Griffith’s response noted that, 'The $20 million affordable housing fund ... was created to be leveraged by affordable housing developers towards a much larger sum.'"

    i don't have a great sense of how much leverage one can realistically expect on various kinds of investments, but i'm skeptical of the idea that one can get a huge multiplier for affordable housing development. is housing construction usually heavily leveraged? perhaps ttan can tell us...

  3. sun article

    " The strikers said the courses, which are held in lecture format, were marginalized because of the large class sizes, and that Major Cultures courses should be held in the same small seminar-style meetings awarded to courses on European history"

    Hey guys, ever hear of the major cultures colloquiums?! They follow essentially the exact same format as lit hum/cc. Chew on THAT. Oh wait...

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