Two for the Rhodes

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rhodesThe results are in! Missourian George Olive is running two for two–following up the Marshall–while Political Science Students Association president and Careless Cook Jason Bello brought home the second Rhodes for Columbia, ending a four-year drought. Other finalists included CCSC President Michelle Diamond, Burmactivist Geoff Aung, and the B&W‘s own Paul Barndt (who will always be a winner in our eyes).

And now for the craven competition part: Columbia beat out Yale, Penn, and Dartmouth, which got one Scholar each; tied with Harvard, Princeton, and the University of Georgia, and fell second only to Stanford’s three winners (although two shared the award).

Hugs and kisses all around.



  1. ...  

    Is there a list of finalists somewhere? Do the finalists receive any scholarships?

  2. Alma  

    Do me. Do me proud.

  3. Cool  

    Good job guys. Shame Geoff didn't win.

  4. congratulations  

    to the winners.

  5. jason  

    is awesome. 'nuff said.

  6. envious:  

    congratulations guys, you do alma proud. just promise to use those smarts to make this world a little better in the midst of (presumably) making hella bank alright?

  7. question

    So George Olive got both the Marshall and the Rhodes. Both are presumably for two years of study (although Marshall is for any UK university, whereas Rhodes is specifically Oxford). What happens now? Does he have to choose between them and give up one of them? He obviously can't keep both and take FOUR consecutive years of study in the UK; not only because that might be counteractive to whatever else he wants to do in his life, but also because I think each scholarship specifies that whoever takes it up can't have ever put in years of study in the UK before.

    Just curious if anyone knows what the protocol is here...

    • pretty certain...  

      I think if you win the Rhodes you don't have the choice to turn it down. It's presumed that you'll accept. Imagine having to say to the Marshall people "Sorry, something better came along."

  8. tied

    we also tied with St. Olaf College. Rose would be proud

  9. george  

    is a helluva nice guy. And quite literally the smartest guy I've ever met.

    Respect to George Chapman Olive III.

    He is a hero and I think we need to change either Alma Mater or Le Penseur.

  10. hey bwog  

    How about looking into the fire in the Barnard Quad last night?

  11. just curious..  

    what types of gpas do jason and george have? Over 4.0s?

  12. who..  

    Would have thought that one could go through life mumbling "robble robble," yet still win the Rhodes and Marshall. Congrats, Hamburglar!

  13. Awesome  

    looks like U Chicago got three also, bwog, and they're unshared.

  14. Penn

    How come Chicago doesn't get mentioned in this post? Looks like they dominated the field this year.

  15. George

    George has upwards of 4.0

  16. sad  

    I'm a little bit disappointed. I mean, it's awesome that people in my class broke columbia's recent dismal showing in the Rhodes, but at the same time, I think the committee could have chosen better. Geoff is smart, charismatic, well-spoken, and more of a leader than either Jason or George, at least in my personal experience (I know all three). Oh well.

  17. ...  

    do you think rhodes scholars become successful because they got the scholarship or because they would have been successful anyway?

  18. congrats  

    to jason -- well deserved.

  19. But,  

    Cecil Rhodes was a douche.

  20. a columbian  

    has anyone else gotten an email from george about his rhodes win? that shit NEEDS to be posted.

  21. cecil rhoads

    Hello Children,

    I'm glad you received word of My Chosen followers. These delegates will track the world, with a degree in hand ready to, as one Poster put it, "make made bank" all the while. Glad someone is keeping my legacy sacred.


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