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Tucked away on the Upper East Side, deep within the recesses of the Neue Galerie, you’ll find Cafe Sabarsky, an authentic Viennese pastry shop named for its founder. The brunch line stretches out the door of the Galerie onto 5th Ave., so if you go on a Sunday, arrive early with a book or friend in tow to keep you occupied.

The interior is dark and wooden, the tables white marble. Lucky patrons get to dine in upholstered booths in front of bay windows with a view into Central Park. The menu is full of winter soups, exotic breads, and more variations on coffee that I thought were possible–I had the relatively simple steamed cream and espresso served on a tray with a tiny glass of water, presumably to clear my palate for the main course. The standard Journal and Times are accompanied by decor-appropriate German newspapers, all free to take to read with brunch. They actually come with old-fashioned newspaper page holders, which I never figured out how to use, but enjoyed just the same.

The clientele is largely foreign, which I take as a good sign of the Cafe’s purported authenticity. Comfort-brunchers hoping to stick with waffles/OJ/eggs should probably beware. The menu is delicious and eclectic (I chose avocado stuffed with crab meat and cherry tomatoes), but those who find 2:00 PM is a bit early for crab might want to stick with Deluxe.  

College students beware: it’s pricey, but a true pleasantry. A good place to go with your parents, or your significant other and his or her parents. And though the foods are a bit heavy compared with usual M’side brunch fare, walk it off by heading down Museum Mile or wandering around the Neue.


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  1. anonymous

    I can't believe you're so insensitive as to publish a piece on a dining establishment when we've just gotten done with the hunger strike.

    You're so racist, Bwog!

  2. kidding

    You've got to be kidding me. Do we really have such half-wits among us?

  3. yum  

    this place is so pricey...but it serves the best milchkaffee this side of the atlantic.

  4. yellowboohbah  

    was a nonchalant mention of "milchkaffee" intended to be a joke? i hate the upper east side. i went to school there for far too long and saw enough bad plastic surgery to warrant a lifetime of nightmares.

  5. actually

    this place is fantastic and really doesn't feel like it's on the upper east side at all, but rather just seems like a very pretty cafe with absolutely superior food.

    bwog neglected to mention the fact that this place is open for lunch every weekday (which might prove useful to the majority of us, who are students and might have mid-day free time). the original chef kurt gutenbrunner also opened wallse in tribeca, both of which showcase really tasty and beautifully presented viennese food.

    i'm not ashamed to say that whenever i want to splurge on a great lunch i go here. it isn't quite winter yet but their cream of chestnut soup might already be available and it's one of those things i crave for days after i've had it.

  6. $$$

    Can we get a dollar estimate on how much brunch or lunch would set you back at this place? Exactly how much of a splurge are we talking about?

  7. when i went:  

    for 2 people...

    2 main courses, 1 glass of wine, 1 cup of coffee, a slice of sacher torte, plus tax and tip was in the neighborhood of 70 bucks...

    definitely not a once a week expense...but it's damn good food.

  8. dggjkhjk.,m  

    i stopped in for coffee and desert with a friend and we ended up putting down about $40 total so yea i agree with the above, while its worth it, its hardly something i can treat myself to regularly (the lindzertorte (sp?) there is delicious!!!!)

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