Pandemic Flu is Coming for YOU

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Or so fear the Columbians behind StudentsPrepAmerica, a new website aimed at preparing you for a plague of Seventh Seal-like proportions. Yet death won’t be privy to long, philosophical chess games on the beach this time around: according to the folks over at StudentsPrep (CC seniors Justin Kamen, Alex Diacou and Chris Baratta, for the curious), she’ll come at you hard and fast: their meticulously footnoted homepage notes that “flu spreads incredibly quickly,” and predicts, among other things, labor shortages, widespread chaos, and a disproportionate number of dead college-age kids.

Who’s to save us from the oncoming carnage? Why you, dear student–or as the STA folks put it, “..we, the young, educated students of the nation, who will inherit the future and have the most to lose, who must inform and prepare the nation.”

Of course it’s very hard to conceive of events so catastrophic, and, at the present time, so hypothetical (yes, I just linked to my own article. Pandemic flu happens to be an interest of mine. Get over it). But Bwog is weirdly gratified to know that a few of our peers aren’t taking any chances. And med students, epidemiologists and flu enthusiasts (enflusiasts?): feel free to give this the Bwog peer review.


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  1. photo

    great use of bergman

  2. coogan

    i thought we didn't let snakeoil dealers in these parts. damn times have changed

  3. can

    we all lock ourselves up in EC and tell each other 100 dirty stories?

  4. hmmm  

    I demand an autopsy of Ingmar Bergman.

  5. yeah  

    i don't get the whole studentsprep thing but seventh seal is freaking awesome!

  6. Anonymous  

    Students Prep America is an organization aimed at spreading awareness about Pandemic Influenza and promoting preparation at the individual, community, and national levels. This group was created as a response to the developing crisis involving the H5N1 virus, or “Bird Flu”, which experts believe could be responsible for the next severe pandemic. With increasing human cases, confirmed cases of human-to-human transmission and a case fatality rate of roughly 60%, this potentially pre-pandemic virus is cause for concern and immediate action. Visit our site below for more information on the threat posed by Pandemic Influenza and how you can help prepare your family, your community and your nation. Please share this information with other people and talk to your friends and family about preparing for this potential disaster.

    You can also join our facebook group:
    Check back for updated news stories as the situation develops. We will send group messages for related events and very important developments. By joining this facebook group and inviting your friends, you ensure that you and they will receive important information as soon as it is available. You will also be alerting them to a very serious threat and providing them with the information and resources needed to actively prepare.

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