Ask Bwog: Early Holiday Cheer

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Bwog wanted to know why winter break is an absurdly long (some might even argue unnecessarily long) 31 days this year.

Bwog Webmaster and calendar analyst extraordinaire Zach van Schouwen points out several factors that contribute to augmentation of 2007’s Winter Break—which is a seven day increase from last year’s reasonably-sized 24 day break.  

This year January 21st is MLK day, meaning that Martin Luther King’s birthday (observed) is six days later than Martin Luther King’s birthday (actual). Jesus’ birthday (observed) is on a Tuesday, which means an early exam week.  This trend will continue next year as well.

The combination of Martin Luther King’s and Jesus’ well-timed birthdays means 31 days of break—and that’s without accounting for the fact that many students leave well before the final exam day. It’s quite possible that if your only exams are on Friday the 14th (the first day of finals week), you will have 39 days of winter break this year.



  1. seriously  

    why would you question something that is so obviously wonderful?

  2. someone

    quickly tell the teacher so that this injustice can be remedied.

    (the code of the playground says this article should never have been published.)

  3. seriously?  

    This is true? Oh, man...

  4. excellent  

    this is excellent news

    once i graduate i know i'll miss such absurdly long vacations... might as well take advantage of them while i've still got the chance.

  5. eh?  

    So, presumably that means we graduate later? If this keeps happening, that's trouble because summer internships start in May.

  6. this

    last happened in 2003-2004.

    You will be bored out of your mind by week 4 and ready to do drastic things.

  7. finals

    Am I the only one that thinks it's a bad thing that finals are coming sooner?

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