Hot Jazz Heads Seaward

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Quasi-frat ADP had their semi-exclusive Hot Jazz party cancelled last  year, so this year they’ve taken their operation where the long arm of the law can’t reach them: the high seas! Well, technically, the Hudson River is still under U.S. jurisdiction, but the booze cruise is outside of Public Safety’s range. Their boat is apparently called the Temptress, the drink of the evening is champagne, and the music will be provided by some sort of “Zanzibar Scuf”.

If you’re intent on living it up in high literary society on December 1, here’s what they’re requiring:


An invitation to come and spend $40.

“Black tie. No sneakers”

A card that will convince people you are 21 years old



  1. invited

    they sent out facebook invites

  2. anony.

    talk to any members you know--you can buy tickets through them.

  3. best party ever

    Go ADP, defy the Man. Cooler than I thought they were.

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