Ask Bwog: Tent City: Redux

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Anonymous passerby wants to know why there’s a tent filled with blankets in front of Barnard’s Lehman library.

This morning, Bwog inquired about the painted, comforter-filled tent. Three girls manning the table behind the tent explained that the tent was symbolic of a call for discourse about academic issues concerning Barnard to take place on Barnard’s actual campus, as opposed to across the street.

On the table at which the three girls sat, there were post-its written by passersby responding to issues such as Barnard activism, gentrification/expansion, and the reassessment of the 9 Ways of Knowing. Some post-its were more serious than others–as the proportion of exclamation points to words is always a fine signifier of seriousness.

In Bwog’s ten minutes observing the tent city and table environs, no student actually went inside the tent, though a few stopped to glance at the post-its scattered across the table. The set-up is only lasting the rest of the for the rest of the day, “Unless it goes well! Then it will be here tomorrow,” explained one of the three girls.

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  1. history  

    First as tragedy, then as farce.

  2. yeah  

    this is kind of painful

  3. just passed by  

    Some of the people running this were involved in the Hunger Strike, right? What is their motivation?

  4. So...  

    Barnard girls have a tent set up outdoors so that other students can get to "know" Barnard? Do they have rates posted oustide?

  5. lame  

    the lack of comments on the normally vicious bwog is a testament to how sick everyone here is of activists.

    • you're lame  

      yay for strong barnard womyn!

      this is a GREATTTT idea!

    • well  

      I'm inclined to agree with you, but I would point out that I think people are sick of self-righteousness and extreme measures, not activism/activists in its/their entirety. There are wonderful activists and activist organizations on this campus that are doing many things above and beyond pitching tents.

  6. three cheers  

    for Barnard originality

  7. okay

    OKAY! You can have more Women's Studies courses. Take as many as you want. Take them all! We submit! You win.

  8. xxxx

    i'm sick of the wise ass comments from annoying whiney pseudo intellects like yourselves. don't you make yourselves sick? you're pathetic.

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