QuickSpec: Hippocratic Oath Edition

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  1. bleh  

    It isn't clear from her quotes that Bikel was being an asshole, and seems shoddy reporting for both Spec and Bwog to imply as much. There is no account of her other awards, and saying that awards don't matter may simply mean that what matters more is the product itself.

    • bleh deux  

      Apart from her quotes (which she herself uttered), what in that article implies that Bikel was was being an asshole? Right or wrong, it seems like you contrived that idea on your own, which is itself judgmental (gasp!). Also, how is Bwog's link anything other than a bit of characteristic snark?

  2. !!!  

    Rest in peace Sean Taylor. The world will miss you.

  3. hrm

    Asshole? Maybe. Pretentious? Definitely.

  4. rrright

    "The world will miss you."

    Meaning that .01% of the world that knew who he was or cared before yesterday

  5. yikes  

    someone in my CC class brought in that picture for the day they were leading discussion. i'm having very unpleasant flashbacks.

  6. Alum

    How is Bickel a "J-Schooler"? The article doesn't say she has any ties to the school, or to any other division of the university. The only reason the story is Columbia-related is that Columbia administers the Chancellor Award.

  7. way to go bwog  

    linking to a wrestling article that's from monday's edition, and not today's.


  8. fairness  

    So when other people say mean things, they're assholes, but when bwog is mean, it's just snarky? If you think Bikel was being an asshole, then Bwog and Bwoggers are also assholes.

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