1. if women  

    were human, they wouldn't be so damn good at making sandwiches.

    Seriously, wtf? are women human? what does that even mean?

  2. A better question is

    what does this simile even mean?
    "She cleared away her worries like marbles off a chess board and raised her eyes to the skies. "

  3. I thought  

    chess boards were for umm..chess? Perhaps they are suggesting that women, being sub-human, are incapable of playing chess?

  4. So, spec  

    Umm, not to take the Spectator too seriously, but the article didn't make much sense to me. It kind of reads like transgendered people are purely unstable products of f'd up society, which if kind of iffy. Also, what about people who go the other way?

    Was that a review or an editorial???

    • wow  

      it seemed like one big tangent. the author was apparently daydreaming during the play reading, and the editorial reads like stream-of-consciousness, ending with the sudden realization that the original topic of the piece was a play on transgender people.

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