You think finals are unpleasant?

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Feel better–you could be getting waterboarded! So says Amnesty International, the group responsible for that brightly attired fellow out on Low Plaza, also putting on a panel this evening on torture. Don’t worry, they rotate out every few minutes (not quite as hardcore as this, but we get the message).

In other social justicy news you may have missed, besides being U.S. Sponsored Torture Week, it’s also the CPU’s Anti-Apathy week, and New York City’s Anti-Hate week, which will involve collaging, a speakout, and a vigil tomorrow on campus. Bwog’s feeling more loving and passionate already.



  1. 2 hrs

    without a comment. Go apathy!

  2. looky

    I think this an example of what we can expect from the hunger strikers' promised "phase two." Ironically, the metal cage probably won't fuck up the concrete in front of Low quite as badly as the tents did the lawn in front of Butler.

  3. : )  

    I always wanted to get waterboarded to see what it was like. How can I experience this without having to act like a terrorist? I would also like to try surfing.

  4. I think  

    that brightly-colored fellow was actually a chick. But who cares?

  5. Lynndie England  

    All right! Anyone got a leash?

  6. help!  

    what channel is cw on columbias cable service? i am missing gossip girl as we speak. please hurry!

  7. it's not  

    torture if she's asking for it.

  8. guys!!  

    I'm trying to not write a paper here, and the lack of new posts or new comments is really making it hard.
    What do you guys think of this whole new peace process in the middle east, eh? What kind of solution do y'all think would be best as far as the whole 'Palestine' situation is concerned?

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