Happy Anti-Hate Day!

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hate day What are those big black panels out on Low Plaza? In keeping with the new trend of self-expression, they’re collages created at the events at Teachers College in the last couple of days focused on homophobia, racism, anti-semitism, and Islamophobia. In case you still feel left out, there’s a whole wall for you just to write on as well. Although today’s events come in conjunction with the City’s Day Out Against Hate, Calvin Sun wanted Bwog to know that it’s a completely student-driven effort, leading us all around the imposing structure, for all the world like a proud father showing off his large, multi-dimensional child.

Sun also took issue with the Spec‘s editorial “Hating on Hate,” which he had heard from “multiple sources” had been composed while editorial board members were drunkenly celebrating the turning over of the board’s membership. Spec soon-to-be-lame-duck Editor-in-Chief John Davisson denied the allegation, saying that one board member had written the editorial before a small holiday party celebrating the deadline for turkey shoot proposals (NOT the turnover of the board, which happens next week) that involved a small amount of eggnog, brandy, and beer. The rest of the board weighed in before the party, “stone cold sober.”

Bwog, for the record, thinks drunken editorializing at Spectator would be a great addition.



  1. Calvin Sun ...

    Is upset because the Spec soberly suggested treating structural issues as structural problems--not just crises to react to--in a way that doesn't create an us versus them dynamic?

    • Anonymous  

      last comment to clear up, i promise.

      this is also not an end-all be-all solution against hate. it's just one of a billion ways of expression students have taken against hate; it's just one of many steps. We don't want this to end a discussion, but rather start new ones.

      ok, im done. please come to the vigil.

  2. Sadia  

    C'mon Lydia/Bwog - you can do better than be Gawker. Navel-gazing is such a waste of Bwog's potential.

  3. From this angle  

    In the pic, the anti-hate wall looks like the Ka'bah, which I guess would be right at home here at the University of Mecca West.

    • ...  

      The middle America conservative hicks have got to stop trolling Bwog. The Minutemen ain't coming back, people.

      • yes

        The Minutemen will keep sipping their Minutemaid and polishing the glass on their binoculars while people like you keep invoking them in your racial stereotyping and hypocritically "progressive" observations.

        • Srsly.  

          All you Mohammedans should stop whining on your liberal blogs and get back to doing your counterclockwise Mexican hat dance around your little hate cube.

          Never forget the Towers!

          • 10 bucks  

            says this person's just somebody from columbia trying to stir up trouble. or just somebody who's really, really bored. either way, don't take the troll bait.

          • Too late.  

            I just booked Low Plaza for the next week to build an interactive Abu Gharib Awareness Attraction, complete with live reenactments, photographs, videos, singing animatronics, and lots of opportunities for audience participation.

            Kinda like Disneyland.

          • still  

            stereotyping people who think differently than you and --gasp!-- less than liberally as "middle america conservative hicks" is just as bad as the person stereotyping the people you are defending in the first place. Also just as ignorant.

            Don't fight fire with fire people. If you truly believe you are better than someone because of the way you think, than at least act like it.

          • um,  

            #12 and #6 aren't the same person...

  4. Anonymous  

    :-( i was nicer about the spec when i told you that Lydia.

    if people have criticisms or good things to say, they can come and write on the panels still!

  5. agreed

    I agreed with Lydia. Drunken spec editorials might sound a little less officious and self-aggrandizing. Or, at least they'd be more amusing.

  6. Anonymous  

    p.s. this is not *my* project. never was.

    It is owned by everyone who have participated in it, wrote on it, added articles on it, and identifies themselves with the message it evokes.

    thought i be clear on that.

    p.p.s. come for the free hot cocoa at 5pm!

  7. cynic  

    the day against hate is so gay

  8. yeah  

    But if we hate on hate, aren't we just as bad as the haters we're hating on? Shouldn't we just embrace the hate?

  9. lame  

    calvin sun needs to stop pretending he's the shit. if he actually has some redeemable traits, then they should speak for themselves. his grandstanding just makes him look more like the CCSC wanker we elected him to be.

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