Bwog Personals: Graduation Anxiety Edition

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These seniors may be worried about the future, but we foresee romance in their immediate present. All interested parties should contact Bwog via email and we’ll provide the $5 for the date. And as always, nominate your friends (or yourself) for a personal by emailing [email protected]


Name:  Jonathan Mason

Year:  Senior

School:  CC

Major:  History

Hometown:  Columbus, MS

Best Book You’ve Read for Class:  Homage to Catalonia by Orwell

Worst Book You’ve Read for Class:  I read a lot of reviews on JSTOR, which allows me ample time for…

Most shameful thing you’ve ever done to procrastinate:

Facebook-stalking people I’ve never met.  This is ongoing.

Beverage of choice:  unlimited soda

What are your most played songs on iTunes?

You’re so Gangsta, Chromeo

John Wayne Gacy, Jr., Sufjan Stevens

It 5, Architecture in Helsinki

What do you wish were your most played songs on iTunes?

Just a Song about Ping Pong, Operator Please

New York, I Love You, LCD Soundsystem

I Got Love, Nate Dogg

Favorite Morningside Heights Meal:
any of the Indian burritos at Roti Roll

The title of your memoir:  2 Girls, 1 Cup

Dream date, 5 words or fewer:  breakfast

Thing you’re looking forward to most this year:  homework-free

weekends and moving out of Morningside Heights

Thing you’re looking forward to least this year: 
supporting myself



Name: Christian Enrique Piña

Year: 2008

School: Columbia College

Major: Hispanic Studies; Biology Concentration

Hometown: Queens, New York City

Best Book You’ve Read for Class:

Rousseau’ss The Social Contract, John Lockhart’s Nahuatl As Written,

Mariano Azuela’s Los De Abajo, Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

Worst Book You’ve Read for Class:

The Hatchet in junior high. And then its equally horrible sequel, The River.

Most shameful thing you’ve ever done to procrastinate:

Consecutively watch too many cheesey 80s montage videos on YouTube to

get ‘psyched,’ then switch to EVERY single ‘Top 10 moments of The

Office (US).’

Beverage of choice: Red wine, yerba mate, apple juice

What are your most played songs on iTunes?

If I Ever Leave This World Alive, Flogging Molly

Us Placers, Child Rebel Soldiers

Darshas, B21

Roll it Gal, J-Status

Nothing Even Matters, Lauryn Hill

What do you wish were your most played songs on iTunes?

The Circle of Life, from the Lion King

Si Somos Americanos, Victor Jara

One More Chance (Remix), The Notorious B.I.G.

S.O.S. (Bush Babies), Mos Def

All songs from Mile Davis’ Birth Of Cool album

Favorite Morningside Heights Meal:

Carne asada burrito from Tacqueria y Fonda with a side plate of limes,

and a Jarrito, then pick up a beef pattie and some grape drink on the

way home from the bodega.

The title of your memoir:

The Tropicality and Serendipitous Wanderings of a Pineapple in the

Rotten Apple: The Christian PIÑA Story

Dream date, 5 words or fewer:
So, dancing after this sundae?

Thing you’re looking forward to most this year:

Thailand! Also, sadly enough, my first spring break trip – Jamaica

maybe? Mo Fire Mon!

Thing you’re looking forward to least this year:

Applications, interviews, general anxiety about post-graduation life.



  1. huh  

    have any of these personals seriously ever found people?

  2. hmm  

    both seem pretty contrived....and irrationally into themselves....

  3. Indian Burrito?  

    You will never find love with ignorant talk like that. It's called a frankie.

  4. Me  

    oh i don't who choose between the two, they are both are so hot!!! esp. bachelor #2.

  5. hotter than hottie  

    The second one's cute and seems cool, but the top one definitely looks like a psycho serial killer.

  6. alum

    man i hadn't thought of Morningside food until just now, and fuck i want me some bombay frankie. roti rolls and that fucking spicy popcorn shrimp. fuck fuck fuck.

  7. oooohhh  

    someone's got a secret.

    quick change on the "guy for guy" up top.

    it's okay friend, diana ross did it too.

  8. christian  

    is adorable in real life..

  9. wow  

    Bachelor 1: You are NOT going to capture girls' hearts with "2 Girls, 1 cup" references. Not even because it's gross. But because it's just not funny anymore.

  10. varun  

    and by him i mean christian. mmm mmm.

  11. Contact  

    You may reach Bachelor number 2 at 646.209.5179

  12. me!  

    when i read this the first time and the first guy's heading said "guy for guy" it made a whole lot more sense. i like sufijan, but c'mon, you listen to his weirdest song. flambée

  13. oh come on peeps  

    i would totally let #1 stick it in. i am a judgmental person but please stop the hate.

  14. jonathan mason  

    is gay, right?

  15. #me#  

    What is "2 Girls, 1 Cup"???

  16. oregano  

    hey christian, how many times a day do you get the Wilmer Valderamma comparison? 3? 10?

  17. heyvarun  

    varun, you are shameless

  18. oh ew  

    that guy christian doesnt look like tht in real lfe. very flattering picture. in real life, hes really short, has a huge head and bad skin. sorrrrry

  19. Midget  

    Jonathan, why won't you let me love you?

  20. mmm  

    jonathan mason is a sexy mofo

  21. oopsy, 28 again  

    in case you didn't get it, the first video link is NOT FUCKING SAVE FOR WORK/SCHOOL/LIFE

  22. yes  

    jonathan mason is hot!

  23. frammit  

    now i want a jarrito.

  24. oh ew?  

    I always see Christian on campus with a different girl every week. That picture can't be too much of an exaggeration/flattering

  25. his suitemate  

    boy, that Christian dude is probably the most sexy/mysterious Hispanic dude I've ever experienced. I would experience him any hour of the day.

  26. me.  

    me: spiky asian hair

    you: wristband, jeans and bhangra tshirt

    email me

  27. varun  

    i think christian and i have some sort of missed connection or something


  28. looking for flava  

    I think Tacqueria makes the blandest burritos ever. I guess it wasn't meant to be.

  29. 2 girls  

    Excellent reference to Two Girls, One Cup, Mase.

  30. heresy  

    hatchet was the best part of middle school. we can't be friends, christian.

  31. just peeped

    jonathan's facebook and he's actually pretty cute. well dressed/groomed etc. christian is attractive as well, you can tell he knows it, though. oh facebook

  32. sweetness  

    bachelor #1 is the hottest thing in HISTW 3026. He can have me.

  33. ...  

    The girl that is cut off in Christian's picture looks far more interesting than either of those two fellows.

  34. lets be honest  

    they are guys that go to CU. come on people, how hot do you expect them to be?

  35. mannn  

    jonathan mason looks soooo much hotter on facebook than in the picture above. new picture pleeease!

  36. latina  


  37. ugh

    both are unattractive though i must say the second one i have seen before and he is not the looker

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