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All month, Bwog has been waiting with bated breath while the Speccie population at Columbia has feverishly shadowed for their desired positions, written long proposals, and faced the firing squad of this year’s board. At the end of it all, campus news deputy Tom Faure came out on top for Editor-in-Chief in what was originally a six-person race, following in the illustrious footsteps of his predecessor John Davisson who made a similarly broad leap from News Associate editor to EIC. Welcome to you all!

Tom Faure

Eye EIC: Alexandria Symonds

Managing Editor: Amanda Sebba

Eye Managing Editor Features: Hayley Negrin

Eye Managing Editor A&E: Alison Bumke

Campus News: Jacob Schneider

City News: Melissa Repko:

Sports: Kavitha Davidson and Matt Velazquez

Opinion: Miriam Krule

Copy Editor: Jordan Fraade

Production Editors: Haley Vecchiarelli and Madeleine Lopeman

Photo Editor: Linda Carrion

Publisher: Manal Alam

Business Manager: Grace Chan

Finance: Darrow Merton

Sales: Michael Topol

Alumni: Julia Feldberg

Online Editor: Lara Chelak




  1. umm  

    why is there no A&E editor for the spec mentioned here?

  2. I absolutely  

    adore Ms. Sebba.

  3. save our country!  

    Faure/Sebba 2008!

  4. CML  

    Alas, poor Deker! A woman of infinite qualification.

  5. congrats  

    to Tom. he'll do a great job.

  6. King Tom Faure!  

    King Tom Faure!
    All hail the chief!

  7. proof

    that bwog is commented on mostly by cranky alums? the last two year's announcements got a lot more vitriol...

  8. .....  


  9. invisible_hand  

    a wise woman once said, "if the eye were called "teh heart," it would get much better circulation."
    long live the inestimable ms. symonds!

  10. Tom Faure is...  

    ...a big Red Sox fan. and totally kick-ass. Wooooo! Go Tom!

  11. ...  

    was the exec board announced too?

  12. there is  

    no exec board. this is the equivalent, though.

    managing board + corporate board = the people who run the paper.

  13. jigga  

    I don't know, but most major outlets seem to fail at it. I can count on one hand the number of genuinely good professional news web sites out there.

    Still, the Crimson's site looks like death warmed over compared to Spec's. DP's not bad, if a little busy. I'm generally a fan of Spec's design.

    Why was 21 deleted?

  14. that  

    ...was a response to 22

  15. the eye

    is no longer in the hands of incompetents? no, no, this can't be.

  16. hurrah!  

    congrats all :D

  17. website

    how hard would it be to design a website that LOOKS LIKE A NEWSPAPER. this is why people traditionally hate spec's website (which currently looks like slate or msnbc or something) but like the times' or the crimson's.

  18. ummm  

    You're saying
    looks better than ? Really?

    Yes, the Times layout is a lot cleaner. But they happen to be THE newspaper of record with a billion-dollar company behind them, and we're a college paper... perhaps it's not a fair comparison?

  19. chester bennington  

    yay Linda!!!

  20. O Columbia  

    Just because something is from Harvard does not mean its better. Seriously, I implore you to actually look at the Crimson's website. UGLY.

    Our site used to look much like DP's, since they pay College Publisher to help design their site as we used to.

  21. also bwog  

    you got the order all wrong. publisher should be at the top, the eye managing editors should be lower, and online editor should be higher up with the rest of the content sections.

  22. also  

    it's not that big a jump from deputy to eic considering both of the news editors are seniors.

  23. it's not  

    nuts. What's nuts is appointing someone to a job when he or she would do a less good job than someone else.

  24. yum  

    i wanna be on top of the EIC. Sexy.

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