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CCSC is back from break and fulfilling campaign promises left and right. 

Everyone’s favorite student council is on a fact-finding mission to discover when you the student use the mighty convenience mart.  Should it be open on weekends?  At non-nocturnal hours?  Let your voice be heard here.  Anyone can take the survey, so get on those public computers!

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  1. ...

    As a person on CCSC, I just want to acknowledge that ESC has done some work on this too. Maybe you can add them on?

    I don't feel like hearing any angry complaints that we get the credit for everything. I would appreciate that bwog. Thanks!

    P.S. We are up to more than just JJ's fyi :)

  2. Umm...  

    Are you fucking kidding me?

    Peter Valerias, Student Affairs Rep of ESC did a shitload of the work including writing this survey. I'm Guessing commenter 1 is Molly Conley or Brian Leung, CCSC's Student Services Reps.

    The guy works hella hard not just for SEAS but also for CC. Molly and Brian do too so don't get me wrong but Bwog's commentary is fucking ridiculous.

    • uh,  

      "shitload of the work including writing this survey"

      for fuck's sake, how much work can writing a survey involve? it's just a couple of questions!

      • umwtf  

        not only that but the questions are completely idiotic and make no sense.

        • ummmm  

          I'm glad to hear that a genius like you is around here to judge this survey. Clearly they're trying to keep JJ's open at more times that people will utilize it and close it if people aren't using it very much. It's prohibitively costly to keep it open for more hours without making some cuts, so they're trying to figure out if they should adjust the hours to better serve students by closing it, say, at 2 on some nights, and maybe opening on Fridays or Saturdays, etc. This was written by an engineer, so leave your massively sized college head and it's pea-sized contents to study the politics of ancient Greece or some shit so that these folks can solve real problems like those involving late-night chicken. Mmmmmm chicken.

    • ...

      Bwog, I warned you they would get really pissed off... see what you did? haha

      Actually, I think you don't mention them sometimes just to watch their reactions on the thread... I don't blame you... Seriously guys, calm down [this doesn't warrant "r u fucking kidding me"], yelling at bwog aint going to help anything...

      P.S. And this is not Brian or Molly

  3. Peter Valerias  

    is my hero. Seriously bwog, you should do an entire post just about him...

    and yeah, this one is pretty much all him...sorry ccsc

  4. who the hell  

    who the hell is going to take a survey saying that they don't want JJ's open on the weekends? an overwhelming majority of the respondents will answer in favor of more hours at JJ's, so yay.

  5. Bethmann-Hollweg  

    I voted that I would never use JJ's on weekends, and that it should remain closed.

    And to be fair, if you even have a desire to spend your Saturday nights at JJ's place, in the basement of a college dormitory, you probably shouldn't have the right to vote in the first place.

    This entire initiative once again underlines the intellectual deficiencies of CCSC / whatever the SEAS student council is called.

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