QuickSpec: Great Calamities Edition

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  1. fcc won't let me be  

    ::cues the "omgz it's so awful to see a close-up of the body" posting spree::

    ready? go!

  2. hi  

    is UN Ambassador really cabinet level?

  3. love  

    the first comment on the spec website: "Columbia should shut the place down." Yeah... because Columbia literally owns every restaurant in Morningside Heights.

  4. Lee C. Bollinger  

    Columbia owns pretty much everything, including your soul.

  5. hate  

    sorry love, but CU does actually own the building that RP is in, and as their landlord, can revoke their lease.

    All your base are belong to us.

  6. yay  

    i love the 2 man gentlemen band! they played at postcrypt last year and were adorable.

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