BulletinBored: Unanswered Questions Edition

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  1. well...  

    perhaps this is one girl who won't be hogging a desk in butler in the coming two weeks.

  2. barnard  

    Great article, Gizem!

  3. freegan  

    i too am environmentally conscious, so when i want free sex i go barnard-diving. sure you have to rummage through some smelly crap someone else dumped, but hey, it's free.

  4. library employee  

    lehman library is the SIPA library.
    barnard library is simply called barnard library.

  5. :`(  

    I am sorry that you do not have sex.

  6. regina

    I surely hope Barnard students bake better pies than they do write articles.

  7. at first glance...

    i thought barnard sophomore had some good points...then read further and i realized why she goes to barnard and not columbia.

  8. whatevs  

    i love bree anyway.

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