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Dear techie Columbians, 

Bwog, since its birth, has been managed by one web master–and now he’s moving on to bigger and more monetarily rewarding things. Meanwhile, we’re planning a rather large and exciting expansion, and are looking to hire a good web designer and computer programmer in his place! Besides a love for Bwog and a genial character,
bwog ad
the job requires:

Web Designers

  • HTML (of course)
  • CSS
  • PHP would be nice


  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Linux
  • Subversion
  • Light server administration

Send samples to [email protected], and we’ll talk.


Bwog Staff

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  1. But  

    Why would you ever want a programmer who programs in subversion? Isn't that like asking for a writer who writes in vitriol?

  2. and of course  

    Nerds need bwog! The irony...

  3. Jewy McJewerson  

    Hey Bwog,
    Your menorah's backwards.
    Judah Maccabee

  4. Crone  

    Zach, are you going fulltime to CCIT, or has Wall Street lured you away with its evil ways?

  5. Bollocks  

    I demand a secular Blog. Remember how the Jews complained that it was WRONG that they were being wished a Merry Christmas every time they entered and left a store? Let's stick to that principle please.

  6. Zach?!?  

    where are you going?!

  7. Merry

    Gilchristmas everyone!

  8. yeah  

    The person "behind" bwog, get it.

  9. ???  

    will one more candle be lit every day?

    also, will bwog now be adopting themes on other religious and atheist days:

    * CHRISTmas
    * Flying Spaghetti Monster Day
    * Dawkins Day

  10. Festivus  

    for the rest of us

  11. a muslim

    there was no mention of ramadan even though it lasted for a month, but let them have their menorah! i don't mind it. and i like being wished a merry christmas. it's all in good spirit!

  12. baffled anti-theist  

    Aren't Christians or anybody for that matter the least bit weirded out last yr, when they put a GIANT menorah in front of Alma Mater, but no cross or anything was put in front of Alma for any other holidays?

  13. zhb

    It's Web Master, not webmaster. ZvS, you are an inspiration.

  14. clearly  

    it's of the back of the menorah.

  15. pssst  

    psst... ccit (web "production" & software "development" at least) was dead long before they gave alex w the axe

  16. seriously though

    bwog, if you're going to have a menorah, PLEASE fix it to go the correct way. Just as Hebrew is read from right to left...

  17. : (  

    As a Polish Catholic, you should really brush up on your theology, my friend! The belief that Catholicism is the only way to heaven is heresy, according to the Roman Catholic church. Leonard Feeney was excommunicated for preaching that message. See "Lumen Gentium," a result of the Second Vatican Council, for more information:

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