CC one step closer to being 100 steps behind SEAS

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Big news in the case for transparency in academia: Starting in the spring, CC students may be able to view the results of their course evaluations online—specifically colorful bar graphs illustrating the section in which students rank the class and the professor from 1-5. CCSC has been working on the project since last year, but ESC has already been doing this for quite some time with a program called Oracle. “Knowledge is power,” proclaims Oracle. Indeed!

Daily reminder e-mails make it pretty hard to forget that it’s course evaluation season, but CCSC Policy dude Alidad Damooei says that the spiffy new system will only become reality if you actually fill them out: “I am pretty confident that the project will come to fruition but the ONLY [his emphasis] possible threat is a low response rate,” Damooei explained in an email.

TAs, meanwhile, have been sweetly suggesting that their students do their academic duty and fill out the evaluations, especially if they’ve had a good time in the class. According to one source, the instructions they were given pronounce that “personal encouragement” is the best way to ensure a high participation rate.

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  1. steps  

    More like 200 steps behind SEAS.

  2. well  

    at least CC is 200 steps in front of SEAS in terms of social skills

  3. douche  

    nice spelling, 'confidant' alidad

  4. hey  

    This was the sposored link above my gmail inbox just now:
    "Columbia General Studies - - Need to Finish Your Undergrad? Consider Columbia's GS School."
    I didn't know GS was advertising on gmail?

  5. ...  

    Alidad Damooei is actually one of the cooler students on CCSC. He's done a whole lot of great things. I think that he would make a great student body president


    hook, link, and sinkER!

  7. CC 08  

    I have come to the conclusion that those on ESC must genuinely care about change while those on CCSC are simply mindless politickers.

    • really?  

      Have you ever met Liz Straus? Do you think she cares about anything other than herself?

      • the Man

        Well, clearly you have never met Liz StrausS. a) because you can't spell her name correctly, and b) because anyone who knows her is aware that she is one of the most impassioned and dedicated student leaders that the school has. She is certainly far more effective than CCSC... not to mention, not nearly as shallow and superficial as many of her peers on the other undergrad councils

  8. yesyesyes  

    please, please, please let this not be lost in the labyrinthine Columbia bureaucracy. this is the way undergrad education should be. i am sick of hearing from jocks and nerds on culpa but have a right to know what i'm paying $5,000 for.

  9. SEAS should  

    advertise that they've been posting course evals. This is the first time I've heard about them. Would've been pretty useful for.. all of my classes.

  10. course

    Students have been demanding public course evals probably since as long they've demanded changes in advising (i.e. since most of us the younger undergrads were still in middle school).

    Just for comparison's sake, not only are harvard's Faculty of Arts and Sciences evals open to students, but they have a team of people who's job it is to analyze all the data, written and numerical.

  11. SEAS

    is still 100 steps behind CCSC in democracy.

    and no one pays for culpa: it's an independent service. hardly fair to complain about what people have given up their time to contribute to and maintain, outside the university purview.

  12. columbian  

    i'm in cc and i wish ccsc was more like esc. ccsc never actually gets anything done!

  13. democracy  

    Well, apparently democracy doesn't always pay.

  14. yo.  

    i like this alidad guy. he helped push for the awesome new p/f policy.

  15. mea culpa

    Incidentally, after a little perusal of the statistics posted on Oracle, I must say that I find the Culpa reviews to be, strangely enough, far more accurate.

  16. ...  

    Election politics have already begun! I'm so ready for an Alidad v. Krebs slugfest. Bring on the mud and let Bwog sling it.

  17. grr  

    OK, am I the only one who's completely annoyed by the 5 emails I get a day regarding course evaluations? Look, Columbia, I'll do them when I have a spare moment, but since you've decided to swamp me with too much work for my fragile brain to handle right now, just LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE. An e-mail once every other day would be ENOUGH. I AM GETTING TO THEM, CHILL THE FUCK OUT.

    ok, I guess I need to chill too. But jesus, how annoying.

    • ZvS  

      Last year's finest: "You will be reminded every 0 days until this evaluation is completed."

      Actually, we harassed CUIT about this at a focus group and they said they'd tone it down... in 12 to 18 months. Really.

  18. um...  

    i'm pretty damn sure having a barbecue once a semester doesn't really count as having done anything, i'm still waiting on the wireless i was promised freshman year

    esc = monumental fail

  19. well,  

    Harvard doesn't have a version of CULPA...

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