QuickSpec: One Week Left!

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  1. Academy Hardware  

    not University Hardware.

  2. KER  

    We know, we know. Sorry.

  3. Bad Spec  

    You didn't mention that UC-CANF was recognized, and PHE was the only group recognized without funding.

  4. Worse Spec  

    How could they write that article without a full list of recognized and unrecognized groups? Seriously that's all anyone cares about, not how SGB ripped off the columbia coalition. which btw is pretty hilarious.

    • fyi  

      On the front page of the print edition, there's a graphic with a full list of recognized and unrecognized groups.

    • Ehh  

      I don't think it was 'ripped off'; in fact it was inspired by the Columbia Coalition, which was an informal coalition of groups but where individual groups had to book space and fork up cash. That made things a bureaucratic mess & led to much stress for some groups within that coalition, even though all groups were supposed to be equal participants. This way, all groups are on a level playing field, and individual groups don't have to waste time figuring out logistical issues, like who does what. Space reservations and getting money in becomes easy.

      In fact, I was on the original Columbia coalition and the SGB offered to let the coalition members book space in their name, to resolve tension between administrators and groups during the Ahmadinejad response, which is where this idea I guess drew from.

  5. be concise!  

    "I will venture now to explain why so many have turned cynical, or better yet, to explain why people just don’t care enough to protest in droves like they used to, why no one seems to care any more about the “greater good.”

    a legitimate thing to question
    but i felt that there was more explaining that the question was going to be answered than words actually answering it.

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