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‘Tis the season to be jolly, and what makes people jollier than politics? The Democrats and Republicans are getting their fix these next few days before finals set in.

Tonight, the Democrats are running a Maucus, a mock version of the Iowa caucus. Centuries ago, Roman emperor and CC author Maucus Aurelius was named one of the “Five Good Emperors” by fellow CC author Nikolai Machiavelli. Tonight, the Dems will choose their candidate to be the next U.S. president. They will also serve dinner. This will all go down at The James Room in Barnard Hall.

Tomorrow, however, the Democrats will not be giving things away, but instead will be on College Walk soliciting signatures for a petition. The goal is to repeal a bill passed earlier this year that has resulted in rising birth control rates. In order to illustrate what they need to control, the Dems will be scaring passersby with a “huge baby doll.”

And what better way to wake up Friday morning than “breakfast with John Bolton”? At 10:00 am, the recent US Ambassador to the UN will be in Lerner 555. Bolton will be giving a talk and signing his book, Surrender is Not an Option. It’s 34% off on Amazon, and could make a great Christmas present.

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  1. eh?  

    nikolai? since when is machiavelli greek? try niccolo.

  2. he's

    actually russian. i think he was he guy who got killed with the ice pick.

  3. pro life

    but i have no problem w/contraception-- 12 bucks monthly=awesome all around

    still. THIS.

    "Not everyone is troubled by the price increases. Some people said they wondered why college students, many of whom manage to afford daily doses of coffee from Starbucks and downloads from iTunes, should have been given such discounted birth control to begin with, and why drug companies should be granted such a captive audience of students."

  4. also

    Bolton is a nice change from Jeff Gannon/other possible toe tappers

    • hopeful  

      Also, the Bolton event is hosted by the College Republicans. Hopefully, this is a sign that they are turning the corner in trying to get attention. According to their e-mail, it is RSVP to [email protected]


    I hear Bill Richardson's video is going to steal the show.

  6. bolton  

    is the event RSVP?

  7. Spelling!  

    Maucus Aurelius? What CC class did Bwog take?!

  8. The Dink  

    Maucus sounds like Marcus. It was a joke...get it? a joke, not bad spelling.

  9. Will there  

    be waterboarding at the Bolton event, or do I need to shower before I head over?

  10. Somebody  

    Tell me why there's a menorah in front of Alma?

  11. DHI  

    I got a facebook invite to the event and I thought it was a party for my friend Marcus, who pronounces his name "Maucus." I wanted to point out the similarity between the words, and that goal was accomplished.

  12. Bob Dylan  

    We live in a political world.

  13. Boo Dems  

    Why are the Republicans and CPU always the ones bringing quality speakers to campus? Even Mike Gravel is coming with CPU.

  14. gravel

    And you would consider him a "quality" guest?

  15. ...  

    I'm so confused about all the complaining about increasing birth control prices. What's the problem? Either pony up the money, get your man to help out or quit having sex.

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