1. Argh  

    That's the third reference to Proust's madeline I've heard this week. What next? "Looking at QuickSpec was like the madeline in Swann's Way, allowing memories of a drunken, sad, Freshmen year to return to me. I will now write seven volumes on this."

  2. great  

    now I've got "it takes a lot to laugh, it takes a train to cry" stuck in my head.

  3. coogan

    whoopsies! leave it to the columbia administration to be callous to the demands to be transparent.

  4. what  

    was with that sacrificial cow editorial? Yeesh, finals time really makes people weird.

  5. perhaps not  

    but it did take me by surprise, at least.

  6. CUMB?  

    Hey Bwog,

    I'm in kent right now and can hear what seems to be the CUMB marching around on college walk. What's the deal? Orgo night practice or just tomfoolery?

  7. eddie's  

    columns are really hilarious. he does a great job.

    if you didn't understand the point of his article you're an idiot!

  8. eddie's  

    column was lame. like spectator. and its former news editor josh hirschland... gross! his columns were absolutely atrocious. bwog (which needs to be carefuly because its getting seriously close to not being witty anymore) should boycott spec's unfunniness.

  9. hah  

    yes, undergrad wit...chilling to the core. maybe bwog commenters should be boycotted for their unavailing barbs, snark and genius.

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