Dean! And babies!

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almaHey all you former Deaniacs–Howard‘s coming to campus! The College Dems have landed a speaking engagement with the presidential-candidate-turned- party boss for “January or February.” Speakers coordinator Nate Morgante, CC ’09, wasn’t sure exactly when Dean would be rolling in, but a go-ahead from the DNC made him confident enough to spill the beans anyway. 

Meanwhile, the Dems’ birth control plaza campout (conveniently timed this week’s Eye cover story) went off smoothly, but for one small hitch: the baby lovingly cradled in Alma’s outstretched hand was ripped from her grasp by security sometime midway through the event, restoring the pristine backdrop for Japanese tourist snapshots. Plus, everyone knows that Alma doesn’t go in for that sort of thing.

– LBD, photo courtesy of Nancy Huemer

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  1. I'm Sorry  

    I'm sorry that I missed this event. Seems like it would've been a great place to meet girls that put out (and will probably let you hit it raw at that!)

  2. Charge them  

    Charge the Japanese tourists an exorbitant amount for each photo they click of Alma mater. You won't need a $4billion capital campaign then, believe me.

  3. HAHA  

    Stupid democrats. Statues can't get preggers!

  4. Well, duh  

    It was an immaculate conception.

  5. Rumor says  

    John Harvard's statue has a secret crush on Alma.

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