Kenneth Jackson: the Last Class

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OK, not forever, but for the semester at least, and Professor Jackson’s concluding session contained a bonanza of “editorials” for the gathered masses in 417 IAB.

k. jacksonOn why people aren’t moving to the suburbs to get away from Jews, Italians, and black people any more because of 9/11: “I think Americans are simpleminded. We can only hate one people at a time.”

On why a later average age of marriage draws people to the cities: “When I was your age, you got married. Partly for sex, but partly to play house…Once you’ve gotten gotten married and had sex, you’ve got a baby, and the suburbs are starting to look a lot better.”

“If you’re not married, you don’t want to stay home and take care of the stuff, you want to be like Carrie or Samantha.”

The class clapped for a long time after he finished the lecture. What a charmer!

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  1. bananas

    this is bananas! even crazier is that mccartney story getting around.

  2. Missed it  

    Hey Bwog (or anyone who was in class today),

    Did they hand out a study guide for the final? Will it be cumulative, or only cover things from the second half of the semester? What's the structure going to be?

  3. !!!  

    kenneth jackson is the man.

  4. the essays

    1)in brief, describe the history of the city of new york.

    2) robert moses, jerk or hero? both? discuss.

    • herez da deel

      S.A. #2:

      Nu yourke iz lik a big ole glassawhatta. youz got da peeople in the south paht of de island doin theyr thing, then youz got da big-ups wit da money. so, all iz sayin iz, tha minorities--u kno, da blacks, jews, irish labor from the 1940s--been doin der thin downtown, or sometimes neer da columbia (morningside heights--the country club of the world). howeva, minorityz be lik the iz cuebz in da island: no mattah how much wahtah u put in der, da more de ice rises. so wez getz playzes like long island city, astoria and souf bronx. the ice cubz in tha big watah glass. alwayz gettin pushed out when tha real-estate--that is, gentrification--gets too hot.

  5. austin tobin  

    i know the essays (and #5 isn't far off, sadly). when i took the course, they were pretty easy to figure out. like everything else in the course, nothing has changed in about 30 years. though jackson's become far more senile (as evidenced again by his quotes).

    great class to sleep through when it used to be offered in the early morning.

  6. Last Classes  

    I love last classes...

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