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  1. actually,

    it's less about killing CULPA and more about giving CULPA some competition......

  2. pink  

    havel was a joke. but...the editorial is right that a harryette mullen or adrienne rich would be great.

    or obama. go with obama.

  3. what now  

    Won't somebody hunger-strike for a transgender dorm? Oh wait, that means we'd have to have "male" and "female" dorms as well.

  4. satrap  

    One wonders why a fully transitioned mtf transgender person would choose to attend a school that prides itself both on womanliness and girliness. That just seems like its fated to fail.

  5. oyoy  

    Sometimes I feel like Columbia accepts minorities at the expense of those who truly deserve to be here. But that's true for all the Ivies.

    • oyey  

      You also probably wonder why your head doesn't float away despite how inordinately light it feels. How are "minority" and "deserving" mutually exclusive, asshat?

      • well well  

        "Minority" and "deserving" are not mutually exclusive, but anyone with even one eye cannot miss that there are clearly minorities on this campus who do not deserve to be here. So stop reading so literally and start reading between the lines. People like you are tiresome and stall discussion.
        Anyway, this is NOT about affirmative action. I'm talking about Columbia's philosophy of diversity on campus. It seems to me that Columbia has been touting it so much that now diversity is a necessary part of campus life, but is it really? Should campus be diverse? (Yes.) MUST campus be diverse? NO. Academics comes first.

        • thanks

          for playing. now please define "deserving". then we can continue this debate without nebulous talking points.

          also money quote from Moyn: “We’re getting into this a decade late.”

          Kinda like with flex, proximity card readers, and just about everything in general?

          Lastly: Go Arts Initiative!

        • idiot  

          "People like you are tiresome and stall discussion."

          What part of "I feel like Columbia accepts minorities at the expense of those who truly deserve to be here." was conducive to discussion? He substantiates absolutely nothing.

          Hell, "minority" could mean moronic legacy kids for all I know.

          There are clearly people who do not deserve to be here, whether part of a "minority" group or not. You don't see dumb white people being made representative of their entire group now do you? "Gee, I sometimes feel there are white students that don't deserve to be here." But it's perfectly valid to do that with "undeserving" minorities.

        • Meh  

          Look around. There are many more white kids who don't really deserve to be here than there are minorities. What does "deserve" mean anyway, really? Columbia's most prominent alums aren't really known for their academic prowess...

  6. holler  

    the majority of the student population doesn't deserve to be here. or maybe there's just a large minority that's too good for this place.

    • holler back

      I doubt its a majority, but a significant number definitely don't appreciate the privilege of being here. that includes the childish jerks who do shit like spray paint offensive remarks in dorms (in 05-06), as much as the chest beating wannabe martyrs who're waving bloody shirts of victim hood every year.

      Once in a while, take a step back from feeling so entitled and tell yourself, in an unsmug fashion if possible, "I am fucking lucky to be here." (Yes, even if housing doesn't care about the cock roach infestation in your room.)

  7. hmm

    does no one actually like CULPA? do you all want to see its wit and wisdom replaced by bar graphs?

  8. PHD  

    yeah, or waving a bloody victim hood.

  9. Thor  

    It seems like this transgender student was surprised to find Columbia much less liberal than it had advertised to be - which is basically the feeling everyone gets upon coming here, except those who are... well, you know who they are.

  10. help help  

    i have now received TWELVE EMAILS from "courseworks" about course evaluations that are not due for another week.

    including one for "Prof. MacKenzie's module of T660A" whatever that means..


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