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  1. ugh  

    "GE foods are not helping the poor, but are only hurting our ecosystems and possibly our health."

    Yeah, they're not helping the poor because fucktards like you and Greenpeace convince African nations to not accept tons of free genetically engineered food. People like YOU result in the starvation of millions. Congratulations, asshole.

  2. gee  

    Seriously bwog, could you fix your menorah? Flip it. Flip it!

  3. haha


    that was my answer to that problem too...

  4. actually  

    that would be a superiority complex as that site discusses blogs that are "critical"

  5. yeah really  

    just like nuclear power. anyone who has actually taken genetics/nuclear physics basically thinks it's a good idea, of course with caveats. some humanities hunger strike bitch comes along, reads a few opinion pieces, and bam, our hunger/energy problem is SPICY

  6. cuit  

    breaking news: the ninja print quota looks to be broken / not registering. unlimited printing for all!

  7. cuit  

    merry xmas from cuit!

  8. cuity  

    #8 looks to be correct. sweet.

  9. bwog  

    why no update in over 22 hours?

  10. just  

    when I'm trying to procrastinate most!!!!!

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