Monday: A Roundup

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And a top of the Monday to you, Bwogophiles. We begin today’s headcount with a pictorial update on one of Fair Alma’s proudest and most rankling traditions: making sure South Lawn is closed all the time, no matter what, virtually year-round. Indeed, nothing says “long, depressing winter” quite like the antiseptic layer of tarp that carpets the south end of campus three months out of the year, exiling off-season frisbee-ers to Riverside Park, and heralding endless weeks of general gloom.

But cheer up, Columbians! According to the mobile isolation chamber currently parked outside of Broadway Pres., it’s like, 75 degrees in the Carribbean! And American Airlines can fly you there
! The habitat-on-wheels–replete with plastic santa, cardboard travel guitar, mosquito torch and digital newscrawl advertising fares from JFK to San Juan–strikes Bwog as a pretty desperate cry for attention, what with JetBlue’s recent attempts at making itself Columbia’s airline of choice. Their marketing approach is heavy on the free shit and short on the kitsch; on top of which, the American Airlines traveling Carribbean whatever-the-fuck-it-is looks like a set piece for the weirdest psych experiment EVER.

And in the world of legitimate journalism: you might have read something in the Spec the other day about a New York Civil Liberties Union complaint on behalf of a Columbia grad student of South Asian descent who was detained by the NYPD for taking pictures in a subway station. Important to be sure, but you wouldn’t think that it deserves a staff edit in the New York Post, would you? Well, you, reader, are wrong. Further proof that the ‘bloids just can’t resist the combination of Columbia, liberals, and protest, or, in this case, just can’t resist the combination of Columbia with, well…anything.


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  1. dfhgkj,m  

    The American Airlines trailer thing clearly says the Caribbean is at 85 degrees, not 75. Also I saw it on Amsterdam last week and it had a guy and a couple of girls being really cheesy (but all three were kind of cute)

  2. The Post  

    is absurd. How can you defend the NYPD on this stuff. Remember that they've been lobbying to make public photography illegal without special dispensation. And, frankly, someone publicly and openly taking pictures of the subway does not sound suspicious to me.

  3. Coogan Says: "Armin

    you are too funny...

  4. coogan

    the way armin talks about newspapers ("tabloids" to the brits), you'd think he was from london!

  5. gco  

    why can't the tarps be columbia blue at least? that would be so much more pleasant than this, it's depressing

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