Mysterious Ritual Caught on Tape!

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There are tipsters, and then, readers, there are tipsters: in a brazen and heretofore unequaled act of guerilla reporting (at least around here), a student in economics prof Xavier Sala-i-Martin’s class found himself a seat in the front of the motley Catalan’s lecture hall and let the cell phone camera roll. What he captured is almost too unspeakable to describe; an arcane ceremony consisting of endearingly misfired wisecracks (just what was the James Bond bit about?) and a rather unfortunate pink robe. We’ve been told that this has something to do with Sala-i-Martin’s legendary M&M Peanut Minute competition, in which “brave” students are recognized for being able to answer his “M&M Peanut Minute” econ question of the day. It’s as good a theory as any. Judge for yourselves.


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  1. hmm  

    this looks stupid. i'm against it.

  2. XAVIER!!  

    I'm glad someone finally got this on camera. That man is a fucking legend and I miss Macro.

  3. I'm

    going to miss that class so much. I've had Foner and Gulati and Xavier is unrivaled...

  4. there is no doubt  

    that Xavier is the man.

  5. bond reference  

    xavier mentioned bond as a reference to one of his great anecdotes.

    i will miss xavier. he doesn't have the pompous bullshit last lecture like gulati, but his final words on the importance of economics is much more powerful than gulati's fake passion.

  6. not gulati  

    he takes a big giant shit on gulati

    xavier forever

  7. Anonymous  

    Man, I *wish* my cell phone had a camera. Nah, this was taken by a plain old digital camera.

    I'm going to miss that class.

  8. Robes  

    Bwog, I'm pretty sure the robes are his class robes. They would be Pink because he went to school in Barcelona and they are school colors.

    Confirm please!

  9. wow  

    I sort of want to take this class now.

  10. curious  

    can someone explain the M&M Peanut Minute in more detail? Like what actually happens, and what some of the questions are like?

  11. yay!  

    only bc Xavier is amusing to watch.
    And the color fuschia.
    And the M&Ms

  12. and  

    it's not "X-avier", nor is it "Sha-vee-Err".
    It is "Sha-vee-ey"


  13. macro nostalgia  

    "Some of you may be tempted to call me "X-avier". This would be a mistake. ... Some of you may be tempted to call me "Javier". This, too, would be a mistake. Some of you may like comic books. You may be tempted to call me "Professor X". This, too, would, be a mistake."

    Also, the answer to the chalk color question is always fuchsia.

  14. Thought  

    I think Xavier and Cyntia would make a great couple. And Cyntia is...ooof, i'd hit that. I don't care if she's 40. Probably just 39.

  15. mexican friends  

    "Some of you who are Spanish or have Mexican friends may be tempted to call me 'Javier.' That would be a mistake."

  16. why has  

    bwog not covered this? (sorry, the link is broken up) ex=1354942800&en=3ce3523aabbf68f8&ei=5088&partner=rssnyt&emc=rss

  17. cupcake.  

    yea bwog. cover the story on harvard financial aid. let the pressure begin.

  18. xavier  

    is crazy. I wish robert jervis would take a leaf out of his book. I might actually go to lecture and/or pay attention if he did.

    does this mean i have a facile mind?

  19. oh man  

    xavier is a bad ass mother fucker. i love that guy.

  20. Anonymous  

    Oops, I'm actually not allowed to post this online.

  21. yes  

    noooooo, i wanted to watch it over and over again every day and now i can not :(

  22. nooooooooo  

    why can't you post it online?? what happened to it? it was hilarious!!!

  23. My name :(  

    He butchered my name *sadface*. It's pronounced just like "Graham," like the damn crackers.

  24. Anonymous  

    Sorry everybody! He asked that I put it down so I don't spoil it for future students taking his class. If you've already taken the class, though, and want to relive the moment over and over again, shoot me an email and I'll see what I can do.

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