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  1. ugh  

    "We must go to them, not to evangelize them with an objective truth that we do not hold but to humbly invite them to participate in a process to re-envision the way that our University relates to its neighbors."

    Hunger striking is anything but a "humble" invitation to dialogue.

  2. ah rhetoric  

    It is unfortunate that in a democracy "some of the constituencies involved" may not get their way...

  3. wow  

    Bwog, I've never seen you exercise that much restraint before... that marriage article begs to be mocked.

    I'm not sure whether to be proud that everyone's favorite snarky blog is all grown up -- or whether to lament the loss of your child-like mischief-making. Bwog, I'm looking at you like my parents must have looked at my empty room after I left for college: full of conflicting pain and joy.

    I suppose it's time someone told you about the birds and the bees of the blogging world...

  4. what?  

    Are we trying to fulfill stereotypes? "Finding a spouse if like finding a job"

    "Marriage is much better than education and academics"

    Why are these girls even allowed into Barnard? They are the antithesis of what the school stands for.

    • EAL  

      Actually, they're more like what the school was built for in the first place. There was an Eye article about this last year, focusing on a smart girl who simply wanted to find a husband so she could end her career early.

      Feminism be damned!

      • there's...  

        A difference between 'what the school was built for' and 'what some girls at the school do.'
        Besides, isn't this more a religion thing than a Barnard vs. Columbia thing?

        • EAL  

          Perhaps, but there's no reason not to bring up the endless Barnard vs. Columbia debate anyway. And back in the old days, when Columbia was all male and Barnard was our comely neighbor across the street, it would be only natural for women to go there not only to get an education but to meet men. The whole "strong, Barnard woman" feminist stuff didn't come around until the 50s. I've plenty of old alums speak fondly of going on panty raids in Reid and Brooks. This Columbian proposes to bring them back.

          Barnard security be damned!

  5. Dear me  

    "One married Barnard student who declined to be named admitted that she and her husband kissed and hugged before marriage, although she said that desire for sex did not affect her decision."

  6. Grammarian EAL  

    oops, that should be I've *met plenty of old alums...

  7. farewell columns  

    ... already?

    Don't we usually get to wait until at least May for this self-absorbed garbage?

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