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IdYeah, they’ve been working on off-campus flex forever, but after the whole social security number thing got resolved this year, maybe filling out a survey will help it actually happen before you graduate. Want to spend your parents’ money at HamDel? Pinkberry? Card-o-mat? Let Student Services know here, any time before Christmas (and probably after you finally get around to those course evals). 

NYU kids have it. Why shouldn’t you? 



  1. Tom Green

    i love the that rubbing my ass on the sensor in lerner unlocks the turnstile.

  2. where's

    appletree? or the option to you know, write in vendors that aren't there? and why must they force us to include such obvious necessities as book culture in our top 2? ugh.

  3. please  

    Someone explain to me why I should be excited (or even care) about this? Flex is still money so why shouldn't I just stick to my usual combination of my credit card and cash? I mean I always have my wallet with me anyway. I really don't see any real benefit here...

  4. MIP  

    1. You don't have to carry that cash around campus -- it's like having a university debit card, in a way.
    2. For those who already use Flex, the money on their card is no longer restricted to crappy Columbia dining.
    3. The obvious: you can add Flex to the tuition bill.

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