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According to Wikipedia, a phlog is a “type of daybook, similar to a blog, but run off a Gopher protocol server,” although  the word may also refer to a photoblog. According to Columbia’s Philolexian Society, the phlog  is a “blog of awesometude” on which various philolexians post poems, essays, and random thoughts. It’s run through Blogspot  rather than Gopher, and it doesn’t have many photos, but we’ll forgive them. Welcome to the bwogroll, Phlog!

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  1. looks

    Like a work in progress... in content and design. A literary blog is a nice idea. Let's see the execution.

  2. man who  

    actually reads this stuff?

  3. o man  

    I know it's finals time
    but you've gone downhill

  4. o bwog  

    when wilt thou cease phloging my organ of procrastination with thine posts of uselessness? I doth hope such a time is soon upon us, lest my organ's blood runs dry and I return to the devil's lair that is [email protected]

    • wrong  

      it's now [email protected]

      educate yourself

  5. boreeeeed  

    bwog, I am bored! Where are you, and why don't you have anything interesting to say???

  6. 9:17  

    yes, why does Bwog publish a short burst of posts, then NOTHING FOR 24 hours

  7. Seriously?

    There are literally fifty people in the world who use gopher.

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