1. Ged Parkin  

    is a delightfully angry British man. I think it's hilarious that he tackles pacman at the end.

  2. Butler  

    Bwog, you're a mindreader. I'm sitting in Butler, waiting for Orgo Night, and I was reminded of Library Musical. I completely blanked on the group's name. It was bugging me, so I figured I'd log onto Bwog, go to the most recent post, and ask in the comments whether someone remembered the name. But lo, here it is in the top post - Prangstgrup. Yay. Bwog rules.
    (By the by, I think we need some intrepid students to resurrect Prangstgrup v2.0 for all of our amusement...)

  3. winter show  

    "match of the century" is quite awesome too, especially if you've had either professor and can't imagine them in sweatsuits.

  4. hahaha  

    lol. What the fuck was that? lol. Why is all the humor at Columbia Chemistry related? Orgo night, the periodic table vagina, and now this...

    • don't forget  

      their winter show, which is like the b-school follies but for the chem department. i'd be jealous of all the fun they're having, but the chem majors work far, far harder than my english major ass does, so they deserve all the fun they can get and/or make themselves. go chem majors!

  5. The Answer  

    is clyde, for anyone who did the Microsoft puzzle challenge

  6. Ms. Pacman  

    I seem to have misplaced my bow. How shall I reproduce?

  7. Billy Mitchell  

    As a PacMan fan, I recommend the UMich original, if only because PacMan's screams belie the fear of mortality in us all:

  8. follies abound

    ugrads have the V-Show, B-school has the Follies, and law school has the Law Revue.

    Oh my.

  9. c'09  

    i believe that that video may have just given me the strength to complete the french paper that was due just over 3 hours ago!!!

  10. uhhhhhhh

    so am i the only one that thought the ending looked a little dirty?

  11. squan  

    michelle and ferenc rock

    be sure to check out the other columbiachemist videos

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