1. Tourist trap

    It is a tourist trap and a shithole and the owner is a crook

  2. Tour Guide Ackbar  

    It's a trap!

  3. how

    many fucking times do i have to tell you: it isn't THE cotton club. it's a knock-off and it sucks.

  4. ...

    where is this place anyways?

  5. ARR

    The Cotton Club is a has-been and a tourist trap. If you want a real jazz experience, go to St. Nick's at 148th and St. Nicks, where they don't charge a cover and the bartender is usually drunk enough to comp you drinks. It's one of the best (and cheapest) music experiences in the city, and one of the last true jazz dives left in New York.

  6. No Scanners!  

    Quick, let's have another Hunger Strike, or another dictator. The more we wait, the more likely they'll remember the War on Fun.

  7. Nice

    Nice fucking 2001 Crown Victoria in your phucking fotograph of your bogus jazz KKKlub

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